Thursday, June 5, 2014

PHFR & Yarn Along


My book matches my knitting! I, unexpectedly, had a free hour in which to read my book this morning. I am hoping to dedicate a post to this book and our personal oratory very soon!


Tom had an unused Boy Scouts gift card that he didn't need, so I ordered a little 2-man tent for me and Meg and our AHG camp outs. It is soooo much easier to put up and take down than the bigger ones we have. I can't wait to use it!


Meg got more brackets installed last week and chose mustaches from the treat basket. And then she went into Chik Fil-A to order a milkshake! She cracks me up sometimes!


I finished reading My Life in France about Julia Child getting her start in cooking, teaching, writing her famous cookbooks, and pioneering the cooking tv show. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, I'm binge-watching episodes of The French Chef.  And knitting. :-)

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  1. Visiting from phfr...I could watch SO much Julia Child and never get bored. I love her! My husband bought me the cookbooks a couple of years ago and I'm trying to read them like books...haven't gotten very far, but I won't give up! :)

  2. Can't wait to hear about The Little Oratory. It seems sinful for me to purchase even, but I have had my eye on this one. I will look forward to your thoughts about it...... I was curious to see if a zoo of crochet animals would appear in your blog this time. You know you wanna make that penguin.

  3. I watched episode after episode of TFC after reading My Life in France too! Isn't Julia fascinating?

  4. really???? the french chef is available on the internet???!!!! I'm on it!!!! :)

  5. I need to learn how to bake, it looks so amazing. I love to cook, cooking is my passion. Baking however, that' a whole different animal.


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