Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes


It's Birthday Month here.  We celebrated Tom's 18th birthday on Monday (woohoo!), and now Pip turns 15 today.  My brother has a birthday in a few days, then Meg, then a niece, then my sister....It's crazy.  Fortunately I don't have to bake cakes for ALL of them!

See how mature he looks for 15?  ;-)

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?  I didn't because plans of that sort were sadly derailed, but I tried to this morning during adoration.  You know how most resolutions involve losing weight or eating better?  It seems kind  of pointless to start in January because....hello?....Birthday Month!


Pip requested Monkey Bread for breakfast.  Diet resolutions of, say, losing 50 pounds for your 50th birthday are reallllllyyyyy hard to keep in the face of The Monkey!


One of my resolutions for the year is to be a much better friend and neighbor after seeing the outpouring of love and support for my mother-in-law and the family after my FIL's passing. People were just amazing and did a great job of keeping our huge family fed every day!  


Have you finished putting away your Christmas decorations?  We are getting there....very slowly. I like to think it's because I want to celebrate Christ's birth all year long, or at least until Candlemas.  But it's probably just because I'm lazy.

Yesterday I unpacked and repacked all the Christmas ornaments, pulling out a bunch that I don't like or don't know where they came from.  (I have way, way, WAY too many ornaments!)  Those are in a box for the kids to choose from.   We also got the tree out of the house and swept/vacuumed enough needles to make another tree!  I'll see if I can get more done today between gift-wrapping and cake-baking, unless I'm in a sugar coma (see QT #3).


I got my first Chesterton book yesterday, so I can begin the Chesterton Reading Plan this year. I'm starting with The Apostle of Common Sense, (it's about G.K. Chesterton, not by him) and I'm hoping to join Ginny in her Weekends with Chesterton, if I can get my blogging act together.  I was planning to start the reading plan this year, so it is serendipitous that Ginny is starting this.  I've never read any G.K. Chesterton and I'm looking forward to this.  How about you?  Have you read him?  Or do you want to join the book club?


It's gray and rainy here, so it's perfectly appropriate to post a picture of my epic Rainbow Pants from 1984.  I wish I could wear them.  Lol.  I loved these pants for their novelty and reversibility!  I got them at a trendy, $$$ shop when I spent the summer with my mom in NYC.  I thought I looked good, but the guy ogling me on the street who tripped over a deli sign on the sidewalk may have thought I was just....vibrant.

Have a great day!  Happy Friday!


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  1. #7: LOL! That picture is what brought me over. I had to see what the deal was. :)

    #6: I wish I didn't already have ten zillion books waiting to be read, because I would love to spend a year with Chesterton. Last year I seemed to be on Merton all year.

    #5: We still have our tree and everything up except the bannister garlands. Although when I get off the computer I'm going to pack up the nativity as step one in getting the tree down tonight--it's dropping needles everywhere!

    #3: I need to make monkey bread. I don't believe I've ever had it but every time I see it my mouth waters.

    #2: I wrote a whole post on this topic. Do you mind a bit of shameless self-promo? :)

  2. I'm very, VERY behind on reading...and just coming now to the news about your FIL. Know that you and your family are in my prayers!

  3. Haha that pic of Pip is so cute! I don't think I've ever seen it before. Is it from Halloween?

    And 50 for your 50th sounds like a great goal! You can do it! :)

  4. My New Year's resolutions were to try and do the Jesuit examen daily and to go for walks when Daniel was in school. I'm doing great with the examen and failing at going for walks.


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