Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick 12th Birthday Takes!


My littlest girl, my littlest baby, who turns 12 today, with her late grandfather.
God rest his soul.


I don't know what we were doing.  She looks a bit like St. Michael the Archangel.  Just adorable.


All set for Halloween.  She has always liked makeup or face paint====you know how some kids freak out when you put anything on their faces?  Not her, which always surprised me.


I just think this is one of the cutest pics ever, especially with Pip's little photo-bomb!  We were in Colonial Williamsburg and it was 105 freaking-degrees, so we bought her the little cap to keep the sun off her head.  (I think I'd be thrilled with 105 degrees right now; I'm so tired of this cold.  11 this morning.  E. Lev. En.  in Atlanta.)


I don't know why I had the hankering to make this princess dress for halloween.  Normally I'm a "go see what you can find in the dress-up bin" kind of Mom.  But I loved making it, and she loved wearing it!  (She might have a bit of a princess complex.)


Don't go near her with a soda, because she will suck it all down in an instant!  She was so excited to get her own soda today at the grocery store for a birthday treat!


And now my precious baby is 12.  She's growing into a lovely young lady.  She's 5'1" with sherry-colored brown eyes, and she's as sweet as she can be.  Most of the time.  When she's not being a perfectly normal 12 year old.  She loves school and works hard at improving her grades and becoming a better friend.  What more could you ask for?

Happy birthday, Margie! 
(If you hang around here often, you'll know that's not her "everyday" nickname.  She has several.  ;-)  )


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  1. Ack! She's taller than I am!

    Happy birthday, Meg!


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