Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Porthos Socks & Ice Jam Yarn Along

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I finished my Porthos Socks, or my son's Porthos Socks, I should say, on Friday, just in time to give them to him for Meg's birthday.  ;-)  I hope he enjoys them!  They're really beautiful, soft & warm socks, which is thanks to the Sweet Georgia yarn more than my knitting.  It was great to work with.  I'll be making another pair out of the variegated toe yarn quite soon. 

I posted my book list for the year yesterday, but I hardly did any reading.  When I came home from dropping the kids at school in the morning, the whole day stretched before me, full of possibilities.  There was no nagging chore that had to be done, so I wrote my blog post.  Then I realized it was snowing, so I left early to pick up my kids---who were getting out 2 hours early---so I could swing by Target on the way to see if there were boots of any kind to protect their feet in the snow.  We were less prepared than usual for inclement weather.  Everyone had grown or their footwear had fallen apart!

Luckily, I found Meg & Pip each a pair of boots on clearance ($10.48!) that fit perfectly, and I drove through the blowing snow to their school.  Tom was supposed to get out at the same time (on the other side of town), and my husband and I were debating who would do that duty, when Tom called to say they were suddenly released at 12:15 instead of 1:15!  Fortunately, he could catch a ride with his girlfriend and her sister, and I would pick him up at her house, or she'd bring him to ours.

Most of my drive home was fine except for the last mile where we slowed to a 5 mph crawl.  The roads didn't seem that slick to me, but it was fine.  The 15 min. drive took 45 mins., but that was okay.  I kept getting texts from Tom that they were coming, but slowly.  The main road we live off has some big hills, and once they got to that road, they slowed to a crawl also.  Their 20 min. drive took 2 hours!  And then the girls had another "15 minutes" to their home which took 45 minutes.  In retrospect, we were extremely fortunate yesterday that the kids and I all made it home in a few hours!

I'm sure it's been on the news, but we have friends from school who didn't get home at all, and had to stay with friends after 8 hours on the road!  Another friend spent 11 hours trying to get home from 1 hour away.  He's a great guy and was helping lots of other drivers out of slick spots over the course of the day.  Others drove for 3 hours or more and then opted to walk the last 3 or 5 miles home in 17 degree weather.  I'm thrilled that my husband agreed to stay at the office where he is safe and warm, if not exactly well-fed.  It's possible he may not even make it back today unless the big hill outside his office becomes passable!

That said, all I read yesterday was Facebook and the news reports.  I knit all of 2 rows of the poncho I'm making.  I hope you read something better and got some knitting done!  I plan to do better today while the kids play in the snow.


  1. Holy cow! I won't complain any more about Columbus drivers and street crews. I did hear some children had to stay overnight at their schools. That's insane. And your poor husband. I know it's not normal for Georgians to have to deal with snow, but it's not rocket science. Everybody take your can of table salt out to the street and toss it, right in front of your house! At least some of it has to melt, right? ;-)

  2. The socks are lovely and look so cozy.


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