Sunday, March 24, 2013

Linky Love

This is absolutely the best blog post I have seen with information about our new Holy Father, Pope Francis.  He's different from the last 2 popes whom I have loved very much, and for someone like me who is NOT a news junky, but a very simple reader who dislikes change of any kind, I found the explanations about how a "regular" pope will be different from a "secular" pope illuminating and reassuring.  If you don't know what a "regular pope" is, like me, you should click that link.  ;-)  Melanie's post is also a linky post, but I think she pulled out the best bits from the posts she linked to.

This video on calligraphy is awe-inspiring and breathtaking.  If you love beauty and art, go watch.  Honestly, I can feel the itch to start a new hobby after watching it!

Forging the Future with the Tip of the Pen from This Is Our City on Vimeo.

Have you seen this website called Cook, Taste, Eat with videos on how to prepare beautiful dishes?  Looks like a lot of fun....I'm inspired to find some ground lamb for lamb meatballs on Holy Thursday!

Mamas, Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up to be Disney Stars!  In case you don't know why you shouldn't, click that link.  The oversexualization of our culture and the devaluation of true womanhood is one of my biggest concerns.

Finally, I don' t see how you could have missed it, but in case you did....

Did you see the video of Pope Francis going to visit Pope Emeritus Benedict?  My husband said it was "touching".  I must admit that the little tears welling up in my eyes at seeing how frail Benedict is overflowed when he humbly directed the new Peter to the place of honor in the chapel.  The humility of Francis coupled with his respect for his predecessor just did me in.


  1. That video was great Sara! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a wonderful holy week.

  2. Our beloved Papa Emeritus did look so frail. I get weepy thinking about it.


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