Friday, December 21, 2012

Relaxing Quick Takes


I'm finished!  Yay!  Except for a few panic attacks this week when more than one child said I needed to take them somewhere (in opposite directions) at the same time, I just kept thinking that it would be over eventually.  And now it is!  All the craziness of this past week is finished, and I can relax.


I'm finished with my Christmas shopping, too!  I managed to knock that out with a list while I waited for Tom to get out of school.  Hoorah!


"I'm finished" and "I can relax, now" roughly translates into:  Now I can do a lot of cooking and baking for Christmas, and make lots of trips to the store for that forgotten item, and I can take the kids out shopping for their Christmas presents for siblings.  That I can deal with.


Oh, it looks like relaxing also means making sure the kids get a lesson on How to Clean a Bathroom.  I was in there getting the towels to wash, and phew, what a mess!  And I don't mean stuff-all-over-the-place; I mean Mom-will-never-notice-if-I-don't-clean-the-pee-off-this-side-of-the-toilet messy.


We decided to watch a relaxing beginning-of-vacation movie, and while I was out of the room, the boys evidently decided that Mission Impossible 3 would be relaxing.  Um, no.  So, I'm here blogging.


Speaking of vacation movies....What movie(s) are you planning to see over Christmas and New Year's?  We've seen The Hobbit, rabid Tolkien and Peter Jackson fans that we are.  I'm dying to see Les Miserables, but I don't know if Christmas Day is the day for that.  Well, pretty dang sure it's not, so we'll see.  What else is there that you want to see?


I'm probably not going to be back here for a few days.  I'll be busy "relaxing". LOL.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas and experience the peace and joy that only Christ can give!



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  1. #5: Yeah... I'm not thinking that MI3 would be relaxing.


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