Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Did You Do Today?

I didn't have my usual punishing list of Things to Do today, so it was a rather nice Saturday!

---I did a little laundry and a few chores in the morning while my husband and son were running a 5K at our parish.

---I settled in with the Neverending Baby Blanket to listen to my favorite podcast live:  SQPN's Catholic Weekend.  That was an hour and half spent listening and joing the chat while knitting, occasionally responding to emails, and working on an AHG document.

---After a quick lunch, I went shopping with my favorite 22 year-old girl.  It was just a couple of quick errands (ha!) after a quick visit at the church to take care of some things for tomorrow.

--- I practiced my music for Mass tomorrow since I'm cantoring.

---Off and on I dabbled in a killer game of Words with Friends!

---I announced to my children (whichever ones happened to be present at the time) that Daddy said I should take Saturday's off from cooking dinner and let one of the kids do it.  So, I picked one and told him what to make.  In my husband's youth, they got to choose what to cook, but I'm pretty picky about the quality of food around here, so they'll have to choose from my approved menus and available ingredients!

---I watched a crazy movie with my kids while Tom made dinner (shrimp tacos, Barbara!), and I occasionally got up to help!

---I sat with my poor, hardworking husband while he ate his dinner late, after getting home from a long Saturday at the office.

---We took a long, refreshing walk around the neighborhood with a frisky dog.

---And now, I'm blogging because I had such a nice day.  It's better to blog after a nice day than after a bad one.  Same thing goes for waking after a refreshing night's sleep versus a bad one!  And I just realized 5 minutes ago that it's 9:30, probably too late to start watching a movie!

Did you have a nice day today yesterday?  What did you do?

Have a beautiful Trinity Sunday!

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  1. Your day sounds way better than mine! And someone cooked for you -- shrimp tacos!

    I'm glad it's Sunday.


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