Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summery Daybook

FOR TODAY Outside my window... Early morning sun, and the air is cool. In fact, I think I'll open the windows to let that beautiful breeze in before the day gets too hot!

I am thinking... About the upcoming elections and the political situation in our country, especially regarding religious freedom. This is definitely not a political blog, so lets not make it one, but I will say that it's much easier to choose a presidential (or any other) candidate when you choose LIFE.

 The first time I heard this suggested was many years ago when I was a very young voter. It seemed way too simplistic to me. OTOH, I'm not the type to examine every single issue, do the math, and come up with the candidate who has the highest score. Or you can just vote your party regardless of what the candidates stand for. The more I think about it, year after year, the more I realize that if we, as a nation, allow the wholesale killing of innocent babies every year, then we are doomed. Likewise, if we promote a lifestyle of free sex and free contraception, which leads to more abortions, then we are doomed. We can't succeed in the other areas because we don't have the best interests of the country at heart.

I am thankful... For friends and a community of support.

From the learning roomskitchen table... Nothing. Day after day we fail at remembering to do our math. :-( The kids are happy, though. They play outside with their friends most of the day; they go to the pool; they generally have fun even though they read less and watch more than I would like.

In the kitchen...
The oven needs a repairman since it won't light all the time.  Dinner last night was an hour late because it took 45 minutes for the darned oven to light!  I can hear all the alarm bells going off in your heads as you think about the gas oven not lighting, and the gas accummulating!  Yep.  I'm right there with ya!

I am wearing...
White bermuda shorts and pink polo. Summery and cute as a button.  ;-)

I am knitting...
Nada.  Finished the baby blanket which is blocking as we speak.  I'm hoping to start a new project---sewing, not knitting---after I acquire a couple of supplies.

I am going...
To JoAnn's for those supplies, and to the post office to mail a couple of things (like a rosary to Jen).

I am wondering...
What my sweet Katie is doing in Spain today.  She arrived yesterday and has 3.5 glorious weeks to spend with her friend, traveling Spain and Italy!  Lucky, lucky, girl!

I am reading...
The same. old. things.  All Creatures Great and Small --- Interesting vet stories and characters, but I'm not seeing the arc.  All I see is endless stories and I don't get any closer to the end.  And boy, does that sound like heresy when so many people LOVE these books!

I am hoping...
That our next door neighbor calls the professionals about the coyote problem here.  As I suspected, their den is just across the drive from their (the neighbor's, not the coyote's) garage, and down an embankment in the woods.  A great deal of unholy howling and yipping is concentrated there, and I even saw one out of the woods yesterday evening.  So, naturally, the next time we heard a ruckus during dinner, Meg ran out of the house, right over to the edge of the woods to see what she could see!

I am looking forward to...
The beach later this summer!  We're going to St. Augustine, one of the places I've always wanted to go.  I'm looking forward to lots of little historical field trips to break up the endless days on the beach!

I am hearing on my ipod...
When I'm not listening to one of the many, awesome, SQPN podcasts, I've been listening to Fun which my 16 yo introduced me to.  It's fun.

Around the house...
The list of things to do, large and small, around the house is overwhelming.  Maybe my thyroid is on the fritz again because I just cannot see myself doing any of it!

One of my favorite things...
Chocolate.  Chocolate paleo brownies.  Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate bars.  (Does the desire for dark chocolate have anything to do with the thyroid?)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Swim meet, as usual, but we're pretty free to relax do stuff around the house this week.

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  1. Coyote's? Yikes!!

    St. Augustine is one of my family's favorite places. There's so much to do, and I LOVE the BEACH!!


  2. Yay for the post office trip! If I wasn't having fibro pain, I'd be bouncing up and down.

    James Herriot is an author that people either love or find kind of boring.

    I do dark chocolate because it is allegedly better for you (all those anti-oxidants). I've got genetic thyroid issues and I love chocolate period so no idea if it has anything to do with that.


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