Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nothin' but Sweet Potato Pancakes...

...and really bad pictures!  That's all I have to blog about unless you want to hear about how I'm suffering from the Summer Lack of Routine Blues, trying to keep track of my kids and their schedules and get them where they need to go, having car trouble AGAIN, and never seeing my husband anymore because he's got a big trial this week.

 But you don't want to hear about all that, so I'll entertain you with really bad photos of the Really Awesome Sweet Potato Pancakes I just made!

I was just driving home from Drama Camp, starving to death, wondering what I could eat when I got home.  In the fridge was a huge bowl of sweet potatoes left over from the other night (which is weird because we never have large quantities of sweet potatoes left over), and I knew they'd go bad if I didn't use them pronto, so I whipped up some pancakes without a recipe!  (I'm daring and bold like that.  Other ways, not so much.)

Really, REALLY, bad picture!

I had about 3 cups of potatoes, to which I added 1 cup of flour, 1 T baking powder, 1 egg, and about a cup of milk.  All the basic ingredients for pancakes---except fat which was already in the potatoes in great quantity.  ;-)  They were still a little thick, and probably would have benefitted from more milk, but I didn't want to lose the main ingredient.  I wanted them really potatoey!  

Tom says I should never make Real Pancakes again because these were so awesome.  Except then, Meg would never eat pancakes again.  

Hmmm....What would you do?

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