Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


For those of you who actually care about such things, I'm switching to Jen's 7 Quick Takes Friday instead of the Friday Fail. I know you'll be sorry not to read about my weekly failures, but the reality is that I'm not such a Loser that I have a big Fail every week. We'll all just have to be content with the occasional, spectacular goof. I know I will. I can appreciate them more that way.


This is our last quiet Friday since our homeschool co-op starts next week. The kids love co-op, but most of the moms don't. It's a lot of work. I'll be working on the drama production for the older kids again, but, thankfully, not as Assistant Director. I'll be doing costumes this time around and it should be fun to sit and sew during rehearsals. There won't be nearly as many costumes to make as the year we did The Hobbit and needed 13 Dwarves, a Hobbit, a Wizard, and sundry Elves. THAT was a minor nightmare.


My sweet friend Valerie loaned me her serger so I can learn to use it and get some sewing projects done. I'm looking forward to making a couple of aprons for my special girls. And yes, this is going to take some time away from the knitting, which I have had very little time for this week, anyway. LP's fish hat is coming along very slowly and I've just realized how extremely busy the 2 days before her birthday are going to be! No, the 3 days. Yikes.


Homeschool PE. We did some Tabata sprints today while out shopping. We had to go from Kohl's to the other end of the shopping center, so we did it in 100 yard sprints with a 10 second rest in between. We only did 5 intervals, instead of the 8 suggested, but everyone was tired. It was fun in our sunny, 24ยบ weather!


I recently read a charming little memoir that my sil Michele recommended. Summer at Tiffany is a fun, fast read about a couple of college girls spending their summer in NYC working at the famous Tiffany store. Dating midshipmen, being in Times Square when WWII ended, watching the rich and famous shop at Tiffany. It's a nice little trip back in time. Thanks for the tip, Michele!


Slowly, very slowly, trying to learn to sing chant since DH got me the Parish Book of Chant for Christmas. I know it sounds geeky when we don't get to attend a Latin Mass very often, but it is praying in song. I sing around the house all the time, usually hymns because it feels like praying, so I'd love to be able to chant the actual church prayers. It'll be just like a monastery around here! Lol!


Reading Speed Cleaning on Shannon's recommendation. Since we had a free afternoon, I and my 3 little helpers, cleaned 2/3 of our house together. (We saved the basement for the big boys tomorrow when they're home!) It didn't take the 42 minutes they say in the book, but it was fast for us and cleaner than usual. Plus, I haven't even finished reading the book, so I'm sure we didn't do it right!

Stop by Jen's to see who else has 7 Quick Takes!

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  1. Fun to read. I have to say those sprints sound like torture. What a good mom you are to participate in PE. I just send them out for 20 minutes of basketball. Lately with the cold they are playing hockey with golf clubs in the basement. Oy!

    I have never thought to try and sing chant. I love the idea, though!


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