Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Yarn Along

Some days, it feels like this is all I'm reading.

Lesson plans and text books.  I sort of have a lot of knitting time on "home days" while supervising and tutoring and checking schoolwork, but I have to put it down so often that I don't get much accomplished.

This gray one is my herringbone cowl that I'm knitting with the recycled sweater.  I work on it Friday nights at trivia because I can knit and talk and not mess up the pattern...too much.  ;-)  I really like the herringbone stitch; it's kind of fun to do.

I'm also working on this cowl with my handspun silk/merino.  I said I wasn't very happy with how it spun up (or, how I spun it), because I'm not a fan of thick and thin yarn, but it is very pleasant to knit with!  I got a knit stitch pattern book from the library and chose this "fishtail" lace pattern to knit it up with, and I love how it looks.  More than that...I love how it feeeeelllls!  It is truly soft and scrumptious.

Here, feel it....


The book is Bilbo's Journey.  I am enjoying the analysis, but, fair warning, you have to have read The Lord of the Rings, too!  It's full of spoilers and assumes that you've read everything which I think is a bit unfortunate for those who live under a rock haven't seen the movies or been able to get through all the books.

Stop by Ginny's to see all the lovely knits and get some book ideas!


  1. I live under that rock!

    Nice herringbone. I love it!

  2. Oh that knitting is lovely! Wonderful job!


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