Thursday, September 12, 2013


round button chicken
 The Green Thing got a paint job.  If you read that link, you'll see that I've probably come to terms with my dear mother's death a little more in the past 5 years since I painted it white.  But I'm still calling it the Green Thing.  I think I chose white because I'm yearning for simplicity in my home these days.  And Mom painted everything white that wasn't nailed down, so there's that.


This pillow desperately needed a new cover.  It didn't hold up well at all after purchase and was full of pulled threads (I took the pic after cutting off all the threads.  Natch.).  That was made worse by the fact that Gus has a rather unhealthy relationship with it. 

I whipped up a new cover for it out of this yellow toile that I purchased ages ago at Goodwill.  I was looking through my stash and suddenly realized that it would be great with the new color-scheme developing (slowly) in the family room.

It takes about 5 minutes to fold over the fabric, overlapping it in the back, and sew 2 straight seems.  Turn it right side out and stuff it with a pillow.  I covered 2 other ratty pillows and was thrilled with my accomplishment for the day!

Maybe the dog won't recognize his friend in her new clothes, but I don't have much hope of that!

This is for my sweet friend Beverley who texted to see if I was well-supplied with bonbons on my day off (while the kids are at school), and admitted to being jealous that my house is cleaner than hers.  So, I thought I'd show her (and you) what kind of a mess I can make without the help of children!
Distracted by the phone because we are tired of studying grammar for a test.  
(Sigh.  Sorry, I forgot to rotate that before downloading.  I'm going to leave it as is since I can scarcely find the time for blogging these days, despite 14 child-free hours during the week. )  We're baking brownies to celebrate Louisiana Purchase Day.  Thankfully, Meg did 99% of it herself!

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  1. The Green Things new paint job looks great...really brightens up that corner.
    I have a piece of "furniture" that looks identical to that, which I keep in my guest room. It has never been painted and is SO ugly distressed looking. The 2 doors that open outward are rusty and stick; and the top "lid" creeks open. Some day I plan to paint...

  2. Now I'm jealous of your Louisiana Purchase Brownie with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Chips. The little crusty corner of Alaska would complement my late night (sure to be regretted) coffee just right. The formerly Green Thing is fantastic in that little nook. Is that Annie Sloan I spy? Still trying to drum up the resolve to buy some. Have I ever told you that I'm great at meticulously buying supplies... less great at actually getting them used.

    1. Only 5th and 6th graders ate the brownies. The chocolate is not for me.

      Don't buy the Annie Sloan until you also have the resolve to use it! $$$!!

      The Green Thing sill needs a coat of wax, but I'm thinking of using the dark wax instead of clear, which I'll need to go guy.


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