Thursday, April 18, 2013

PHFR - Decorating Edition

round button chicken


This is an old, old (100+?) slate that I have in my kitchen.  Following the chalkboard craze, I put it on a pretty stand and I keep inspirational tidbits on it.  Then I learned how to make them look professional!  

It's simply print out what you want to say, in a nice font, and then rub the whole back of the paper with the flat side of the chalk.  Then you lay it on the chalkboard and trace the front of it to transfer the chalk from the back to the board.  After that you'll have a faint outline of your saying.  The real magic happens when you use a chalkboard marker to fill it in rather than a regular piece of chalk.  Magic, I tell you.  Total awesomeness. 


Pip's room is 99% finished.  All that remains is for him to figure out what to do with the few things left in his closet that survived the initial purge, but did not make it back into the finished "decor".
Black desk courtesy of Dad's childhood, and then stolen re-appropriated from his brother's room.

  Painting courtesy of that same brother's 12th grade art class.
That side of the room is dark because there's only one small window in the room to the right of the bookshelf.  The left side of the bed would be a great place for a good floor lamp, especially if the outlet controlled by the light-switch were in that corner.  Which it's not.

I'm so thrilled with the dresser it's not even funny!  It's so pretty with it's new, gray paint job, and the pewter knobs.  

The really nice part about the new paint and decor?  Pip is really proud and pleased, and he's keeping it clean!  Love.  He's also getting lots of time to enjoy it now since he's sick and spending all his time in his bed. 

Meg begged me to buy her a pair of shades from the dollar store, and then some gems from Michael's so she could bedazzle them.  She did a great job, and then found another pair exactly the same to bedazzle for me!  Aren't we cute?

This dresser started out life about 24 years ago when we bought it at an unfinished furniture store and I "pickled" it.  Remember that late-80's trend?  I don't know what ever possessed me to spray paint it with "granite" paint, but it lived that way for a decade or so.  Pippo spent hours, nay, daaaays, sanding all that off.   Bless his heart---he put a lot of sweat equity into his new room! Scroll back up to see how pretty it is, again!

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  1. I know. The distressing. Why??

    But now it's all good! Thanks for joining!

  2. I am very impressed with the dresser transformation! And I love learning that about the chalkboard technique.


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