Friday, April 12, 2013

Linky Quick Takes


To kick off the showQuick Takes...please offer lots of prayers for Jennifer Fulwiler, our usual Quick Takes hostess, since her newborn baby Joseph Thomas is in NICU 30 minutes from her home.  His breathing issues mean that he won't be coming home right away.  

It brings back lots of memories of the 8 long days I spent in NICU with the Pipster.  He wasn't very early (36 wks 6 days),  but early enough to have breathing issues.  As Jen said, it's grueling to go back and forth every day.  My husband used to drop me off at the hospital on his way to work in the a.m. so I could pump my milk, attempt to nurse or bottlefeed my baby, or do other little mundane things for him.  Mostly, it was sit around and watch him since his care meant that I couldn't hold him very much.  Meanwhile, 4 other children were being taking care of at home by my mom+.  They were very difficult days, though, I guess, not as difficult as they might have been if I were not certain that he would come home eventually.


I have no idea who this man is, but this is a great video that explains, in a nutshell, that the Church teaching on homosexuality is not hateful and bigoted.  I wish more people got that.


A video about why Fr. Dwight Longenecker is Catholic.  It's really beautiful.


Meg and I had an awesome camping trip in South Carolina last weekend with the American Heritage Girls.  We went with 2 other AHG's and their moms---and we all had a blast together.  It was absolutely frigid Friday night!  I've been on some really cold camping trips, but I don't remember ever being so relentlessly cold before.  Thanks be to God that it was much warmer the next night---helped by the fact that I got my unfinished Ripple afghan out of the car to add an extra layer!


We are still working on finishing up the bedrooms!  I finally started staining Pip's dresser which did NOT take stain well, so now it's being painted.  One more coat today on the top and we can put it upstairs!  Meg's room really needs curtains---the lime green just doesn't cut it with the pretty aqua walls.  It kind of makes me crazy when I walk in---I can't stay long or I have to turn my back to the windows.


That last comment makes me think of my dislike for Kroger grocery stores.  I used to shop at Kroger years ago when it was the best option, but then a Publix opened closer to me and I can never go back.  My friends who shop Kroger don't get it, but I'm such a visual person that the store layout and design makes me crazay!  Now, I was in one recently that was different, but mostly they're dark and crowded.  I love my Publix with light-colored floors, wide aisles, and a minimum of visual clutter!  Does anyone else feel this way, or am I just weird?  


It's Friday, and I'd like to say Woo-hoo for the weekend, but our weekend promises to be busy.  Lots going on, especially on Sunday which requires some ridonkulous vehicular gymnastics.  What about you?


Join the fun at Jen's Camp Patton for more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Oh, gosh, we've spent time in the NICU, though, rather short (8 days) it's so hard and feels like forever. Prayers for Jen.

    Loved both videos. That young man video--he got rude comments over at Youtube. (I clicked over) Too bad. He was respectful back to them though, and I'm sure planted seeds.

    Never heard of Kroger or Publix. So interesting the different names in different states...except good ol' Wal-mart of course. They are everywhere, right?

    (I'm visual too though)

    Our weekend is busy too, emptying out our basement, after it flooded 2 weeks ago (fast snow melt) We are ripping out our bathroom and putting in a new tile drain system, (promises to never flood) and so we have a dumpster in our front yard, time to clean out everything!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. #1: Daniel was in the NICU for two months. I don't envy Jen in the least.

    #6: That makes total sense. The lighter stores are more conducive to actually exploring and engaging displays.


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