Friday, April 5, 2013

I Should Be Packing Quick Takes


First up, stop by Elizabeth DeHority's for an urgent prayer request for unborn-baby Martin!  Then pray.  Thank you!


Next up, stop by our hostess's place Conversion Diary.  She is coming down to the wire (haha, literally) in this pregnancy.  Induction scheduled for Monday, and they want to put screens in her veins to prevent blood clots from reaching her heart and lungs before then.  Unfortunately, the doctors and hospitals don't play well together and it's getting a little urgent.  I can only imagine how she's feeling.  I'd be a complete and total wreck.  So, lets pray for a quick resolution, painfree insertion of sharp, metal objects, and safe delivery of that baby!


Going on a Camporee today with my little girl.  Praying for a very minor thing---that the rain will stop before we have to set up the tent.  But we'll be in South Carolina, and it will be gorgeous and sunny tomorrow!


I thought we would be so productive this week and get Pip's dresser finished, but no.  We've basically spent the week recovering from the intensity of last week's painting and Triduum, and getting ready for this camporee.  Yep, pretty much worthless this week.  A lazy, lazy week for everyone.  The most fun we had was when Tom's girlfriend came over one afternoon to play Settlers of Catan.  Only the best game ever.


I love spring.  Just so you know.  The trees blooming in succession against the clear, blue sky (it's consistently gray this year, but generally speaking...) make me so happy.  I adore this little turn onto my street where there are cherry trees everywhere you look.  But my family is miserable.  They all have such terrible allergies.  God knows I'm a complete wimp because I could not stand it, if it were me!  

So, a photo of a cherry tree, or two, for me, and a link to natural allergy remedies for the rest of you.  Oh, and Honey, I got some of that local honey for you.  :-)


Hmmm, I see by the clock that I should be packing....


And the dog is mysteriously limping and sitting with his leg stuck out awkwardly.  Poor little Ewok.  Time to investigate....

Have a great weekend!  Don't forget those prayer requests---and I could use one, too, for a special intention.  Thanks.

Join the fun at Jen's for more 7 Quick Takes!

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