Friday, November 4, 2011

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I can't believe it's Friday already!  What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?  I know what happened to Thursday---it was just busy!

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Loving Simcha's post from yesterday about stem cell research and the Church!  If I were having babies still, I'd definitely be saving their cord blood, if not for my family, for anyone else who needs it.  And I think everyone should be registered as a bone marrow donor because it really does save lives.  My favorite quote:

And yet the field has shown mixed results, if by “mixed results” you mean “dismal and unmitigated failure.”  When asked to list “diseases cured by embryonic stem cell therapy,” Google Chrome said,  “Aw, snap.  The information you are looking for does not appear to exist.”  It then asked, “Did you mean ‘adult stem cell cures?’”  and offered 13,700,000 results. 
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Last night was my regular AHG board meeting, and, instead of rushing around trying to make dinner before I left, I let Meg do it for her Cooking badge.  She had to make pizza dough from scratch.  (I let her do the rest of it, too.)  She used Barbara's easy, yummy recipe.  From what I heard, everyone enjoyed it very much.  

--- 4 ---
I didn't get to post on Wednesday's yarn along because I was busy deciding what to knit next.  I tried on the Slinky Ribs (Wendy Barnard) sweater I've been working on which fit much better than I expected, but I had made some choices and mistakes that I didn't really care for, so  I'm frogging it in favor of this V-neck.  I'll go back to it eventually because I love it.
--- 5 ---
Have you heard that Advent is just around the corner?  Yikes.  I mean, it's a good thing, and I love the New Church year, but I'm so not ready.  Not ready to keep the dog away from the Christmas tree!  Maybe the theme this year will be Simplicity.  Simplicity, all the way around, sounds like a really good thing.

--- 6 ---
Are you disliking the new Google Reader, too?  I can't stand it.  I miss the sharing button, not that I did very much of that, but I always knew that I could!  Mostly I hate it because it's white and blinding.  It occurs to me that the people designing this new nightmare have young eyes.  The "updated blogger interface" is the same way, which I don't use because I can't stand the excessive white space.  Who do you complain to?  

--- 7 ---
Normally, or Last Week, I would've just clicked the Share button on this one, but even then you might not see it or click over.  You should, though.  Go read what Elizabeth has to say about children growing up.  Sometimes I feel like such a failure, and I have to remind myself that my job is to do God's will for myself.  My children have to follow their own path and use the free will that God gave them.  I might not like how they use it, but that's not my choice, and it doesn't reflect on my parenting the way I think it does.

I'll keep telling myself that, and I'll keep praying!


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  1. The Holy See is sponsoring a conference on "Adult Stem Cells: Science and the Future of Man and Culture" November 9-11, and there will be a press conference on Nov. 8:


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