Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Patron Saint Meme

Barbara tagged me this meme, and I haven't done one in a long time, so I thought I'd be a good sport.  The problem is that this one is tough---I've been thinking about it off and on all day.

The rules are as follows:

"Assuming you are a saint, and your cause has been executed, your miracles confirmed, your date on the calendar established, all that is required is to select that of which Holy Mother Church will name you Patron (ess) of.

For this meme, you must name your patronage
and then tag 5 other people who would like to play along."

First of all, it's a pretty, dang big assumption that I'm a saint and my Cause has been executed, and with miracles confirmed, no less!   But on the off chance that it is....

I think I'd have to be the Patron Saint of Busy People Who Do Crazy Stupid Things (like adopt tiny puppies) On A Whim.

Can I also be the Patroness of Undisciplined People Who Constantly Struggle for a Better Prayer Life?

I've been working on the computer way too long to tag people!  I need to clean the kitchen before I hit the carpool road.  

Be a Saint and tag yourself!  Leave a comment so I'll we'll know to look.


  1. I was going to tell you that you were crazy for taking a puppy but I didn't want to be a naysayer. :-P

  2. Hmm, I wanna be the Patroness of Crazy Moms of Wild Children!! ;-)


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