Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes - TGIF (not) Edition

1.  On Fridays around here, we're totally accustomed to taking it easy thanks to many years of training by Mother of Divine Grace who gives kids "easy" day so that busy, homeschooling moms can have a break  have a day to run errands.  But I've totally ruined that by having Friday mornings filled up with swapping kids with a friend to do "fun" schoolwork.  And our homeschool co-op starts today, which means our Friday afternoons will be filled up with activity, until it's past time to drive further across town than usual to pick up Tom from school.

2.  After all that activity, I think it will be time to collapse on the sofa and order pizza.

3.  The girls and I are going to learn a new craft today!  We're going to try our little hands at needle felting.  (Everyone's tetanus shot is up-to-date, right???)  I got a kit yesterday at a not-so-local yarn shop.  If you click that link, you'll see a stern warning that children should be at least 10 and not attempt this activity unsupervised.  Will 9 3/4 do, ya think?  I mean, the younger they are, the more likely their tetanus shot is still working!

4.  The dog is still alive after being crated with no sympathy for the last few nights.  We, however, are fading, with ever-widening circles under our eyes, more gray hairs, stooped shoulders.  A little sleep this weekend would be good.  No, make that a LOT of sleep.  And it would be great!

5.  So, I mentioned that I went to my not-so-local yarn shop yesterday....They're having the annual Shop Hop.  There are 9 "local" shops participating, and you get a passport and go to as many as you can getting your papers stamped every time you spend $10 at one.  Turn in your passport when you're done and you're entered into the 27 different drawings (each store provides 3 prizes).  There's also a grand prize for those lucky few who had the time and the $90 to go to all nine shops!  $1000 worth of yarn!!!  Can you just imagine?  I think I'd be giddy!  So, it's a good thing that I didn't have the time or money to go to all the shops, right?

6.  Praise the Lord!  The sun is coming out!  It rained last night, which is great, because we really needed the rain, but it was raining steadily this morning and I was lying there dreading the Walking of The Dog in the rain today.  I know it's not my job; it's the kids' job, but I figured I'd have to do it at some point.  I did take him out a little while ago, after it had stopped raining.  He went around the side of the house to do his business, and I could barely find him in the pre-dawn light with his camo-coloring.  I'll send one of the kids out later to find his "business" and clean it up.  I was not about to go hunting around for that in my bare feet!

7.  Oh, would you look at the time?  It's way too late to work out this morning!

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