Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daybook--Color Edition

Outside my window...
...Sunny, sunny, and getting warm!  We're supposed to be in the 90's today!  I think it's finally getting warm enough for the 17 year cicadas to hatch.

I am thinking...
...about what still needs be done around here before tomorrow.  
...about children graduating
...about children growing up and all the changes in the family

I am thankful for...
...having more energy than I did a year ago!

From the schoolroom kitchen table...
...There are only a couple of weeks left and it's really, really difficult to get anything done with all the driving and appointments that we have these days.  It's been insane.  Yesterday school was done mostly in the car!

From the kitchen...
...I have a long list of meals planned, but no time to fix them.  
...Lemon Blueberry pancakes from Pioneer Woman, just because they sound good!

I am creating...
...Socks.  But that present tense "am" is the problem there.  I haven't touched the socks in a week or more!  So I won't be participating in the Knit-Along this week.  I plan to take them with me to graduation (I just decided that this minute!), so I should have some serious progress made for next week!

I am reading...
...The Baby Catcher for Book Club.  Great book if you're interested in childbirth, especially home births.  Which I am.  

...The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest.  Loving this book!

I am hoping... make it through May, a high school and college graduation, and assorted AHG events, with my sanity intact!

Yep.  I'm still hoping for that.

I am hearing...
...the heavy sighs of someone who is not doing well on her science test.  After all these years of teaching, I simply do not know how to overcome her difficulties!  I think a large part of the problem is test anxiety, but she doesn't seem to have the same struggles in math.


Around the house...
...The Front Door.  The new door is in and it's gorgeous!  For the most part, you wouldn't really notice from the street except that we have the leaded glass sidelites now, which are so, so pretty, but the door is heavier and much more solid.   I like that.  Even better is that 90% of the materials are rot-proof!
Here's the long-awaited picture.  (What?  You weren't anxiously waiting for it?)
The rainbow at the top of the page is the unexpected, happy result of the leaded glass!

...painting the Little Princesses old, pink room, a new color for TMax who is moving in.  It was kind of sad changing the baby's pink room brown.  She's growing up, too.

I am going... celebrate my KT's college graduation on Friday and Saturday.  Prayers for no rain, please!  Right now, t-storms are forecast for the Friday night, outdoor ceremony.  :-(

One of my favorite things...
...Using a $5 gallon of paint and finishing the job with about 2 tablespoons of paint to spare!

I am praying for...
...The conversion of souls
...A few people with cancer
...our priests

A few plans for the rest of the week...

...Choir, school,  AHG, and in-laws arriving, graduation, party, field trip Sunday.  That's a lot of stuff.

A Thought for the day...


  1. ok, but what happens when you need to touch up?? ;-)

    Happy Graduation days!

  2. ooh I love the brown! Great find!


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