Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Advent

I found my Peace yesterday.  I walked into church with the choir, and I started crying.  Just a few little tears because there were Advent wreaths up and the giving trees at the front of the church, and I realized that He's coming!  He's really coming!

Since it's me we're talking about, it got worse.  I couldn't sing the opening hymn because I was really crying by then...tears streaming down my face.  I gradually got myself together---thank heavens I wasn't cantoring---and made it through the Mass.

I didn't think it had it in me on Saturday---obviously, at that time, groceries and laundry were more pressing needs---but with my little Princess  assistant, I managed to put away the fall decor, and set up the Jesse Tree, nativities, advent calendar, advent wreaths, stockings (for December 6), and a few other miscellaneous decorative touches.

So Advent is taken care of, decoratively speaking, and the rest can come out gradually or wait for Gaudete Sunday (that's the pink Sunday!).

I'll be preparing my heart by spending a fair amount of time in the Church while Meg and Pip perform 3 days a week in their play.  Because that's where my Peace is.  I knew He was there when I asked on Saturday, but sometimes you forget in the moment.  

He's always there.  Waiting for me.  And I love that about Him.

How will you be Preparing this Advent season?

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