Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hydrangea Heaven

My hydrangeas are all in bloom!

These mopheads would be pink if we added lime to the soil.  They've changed from pink to purple over the years.

And they're having a wonderful year it seems.

Love the white mopheads!  Anyone know how to dry them?

A couple of years ago we had a hard freeze in the late spring over Easter weekend which decimated all the buds.  I was so sad not to have any flowers that year.

I've no idea what variety this is.  It's similar to the lace-cap, but not exactly.  The flowers are on longer stems and droop.  Anyone?

Or the next.  I had a few, but they were still recovering, and maybe my late pruning had something to do with it.  They looked terrible after the frost and I gave them a while to recover, but I think I pruned them too late in the season.

Once the flowers open up they have a hint of blue!

I'm not sure when to cut them or how.  I'm pretty sure different varieties have different rules.  And I have 3 different kinds here.

My lace-cap was hit the hardest.  It was huge--about 6 feet tall.

I think that this year I'll try to root some so I can transplant the babies to other locations in the yard.  This side of the house is a little too sunny; they get very droopy on hot afternoons.  But too much shade and they hardly grow at all.

It seems to be feast or famine in my yard when it comes to sun!

In my little, white, thrifted milkglass whatsit.  Sweet!

I love having them all around my house.  Inside and out---they make me so happy.

I hope you find a little Heaven in your day!


  1. Oh Sara! Love those hydrangea bushes, and have a few myself here. Ours are not in bloom yet, later than the south, but they are classic and beloveds of mine. :) Hope you feel better soon. I heard of making a paste of baking soda and vinegar to stop the itch, wonder if that might help you get a good night's sleep.

  2. oooo I can smell them from here!


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