Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Outside my window...

It's very dark.  I've been up since 3:30 a.m. itching with poison ivy on my arms and legs.  It's not a lot of bumps as these things go, but boy is it miserable!  I'm a newbie to the whole PI thing, you see.  I had No. Idea.

I am thinking...about going to the drug store when I drop off the Little Princess for swim team today!

I am thankful for...I'd like to say I'm thankful for modern medicine and poison ivy remedies.  Maybe I will be later, after that trip to the drug store.  Right now, I'm thankful for my hardworking hubby and my kids and the month of May that we've all gotten to spend together.

From the learning rooms...Summer workbooks!

From the kitchen...Last night we had a salad made with 2 different kinds of my homegrown, organic lettuce.  Today, some kale chips and the big zucchini we harvested yesterday!

I am wearing...pajamas.  Arms and legs exposed so nothing touches them and makes them itch!

I am creating...I'm not working on them much, but I did start a pair of socks.  The pattern requires knitting through the back loop quite a bit which I don't enjoy.  At. All.  And as I don't see the point, or the effect it has on the pattern, it feels a bit pointless.  Therefore, I'm not picking them up much.  

I am going...Did I mention the drug store?  Swim team.  Piano lessons.  Library.  Church to pick up and sign papers for AHG.  And probably the garden to put some diatomaceous earth on my eggplant that is being eaten alive by some kind of flea.  

I am reading...Adrift by Steven Callahan because Melissa was reading it.   Good, if horrible, story of being adrift in the Atlantic for 76 days after his boat sinks.  Finished The Hundred and One Dalmations by Dodie Smith.  That's the next read-aloud after we finish Ramona, Age 8.  It's adorable and even has a little religion in it, which you would never know from the Disney version.

I am hoping...I'll stop itching today.  

I am hearing...Total silence from the sleeping house.

Around the house...My 2 big kids are going back to their college town today to start their summer jobs after a month off.  It will be a lot quieter here!  And not in a good way.  We'll miss them.

One of my favorite things...Scratching.  Do you know how great scratching is?  You probably don't appreciate it until you have that itch you can't scratch.  Scratching is awesome.  Scratch your child's back today and see if they don't love it!  

And isn't 'scratch' a weird word?  Say it a few more times:  scratch. scratch. scratch.
Yep.  Weird.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  American Heritage Girls paperwork!  Signing, copying, sending.   Swim meet Thursday:  I have a better, less exhausting job this week!  Yay!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

A bouquet from the lovely wedding we went to on Monday!

Lots more Daybooks at The Simple Woman's Daybook!


  1. Benadryl, caldryl, benadryl, ice cream. ;-)

  2. I'll pick up some benadryl. The calydril hasn't done a bit of good. Neither has ice cream. :-( Though it does give me something else to think about!

  3. You probably have to rinse the Caladryl off (cool water) and reapply three to four times a day. I do think it dries the rash and heals it quickly, so even if you're not getting relief from the itching, use it anyway (because I said so!). ;-)

  4. PI and I are great fact, I have a case right now from trying to yank it up from my yard, even though I was wearing long sleeves, sweat pants, gloves and those rockin' plastic rainboots in a brightly colored pattern. This sounds crazy, but it works:

    Douse your outbreaks in the hottest water you can stand, for about 30 seconds. No, the point is not to permanently disable your nerve endings through scalding. What happens is that all the histamines (the stuff in your blood that makes you itch) come to the surface. You will be crazy with itching for most of that 30 seconds, though the competing sensation of burning hot water alleviates the itching somewhat. But after that, it takes your body 6-7 hours to produce more histamines -- that is, 6-7 hours of no itching.

    A pharmacist recommended this, and I swear it works. Benadryl is good, too. And Jack Daniels.

  5. What a fitting post for me today, since I have spent the day scratching my mosquito and flea bites! Hope it clears up soon for you!

  6. well, I hope you're better by now...if not go to the doctor!

    and no. scratching is BAD BAD BAD.

    every time you scratch you're going to make yourself itch. It's a natural reaction in the body. so stop scratching! rub instead!!


    you do realize you're now going to be allergic to poison ivy for life now right? so STAY AWAY from it!!!!


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