Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jesse Tree Ornaments

To answer Carol's question about Jesse Tree ornaments---

I was just thinking about the very simple, one-dimensional felt cut-outs that our parish preschool puts on the trees at church. Those wouldn't be too hard to replicate---cutting out an apple and gluing on a stem, cutting out a round earth and gluing on some simple continents, etc.

Or they can be more elaborate. Check these out:

I can't find images or links to what I imagine, or have actually seen on a blog. Felt ornaments that are stitched together and stuffed, and perhaps have embroidered details. That sounds like a year-long project unless you work quickly and can sit down and make one per day. That could be a recipe for making moms crazy! I tried that with the cross-stitched ones. I never got past Adam and Eve, but that could be because cross-stitching takes longer.

Rocks in my Dryer has ideas about how you can just purchase premade ornaments at Hobby Lobby that fit the description! Love that idea! Especially if your household economy hasn't collapsed with the rest of the country's!

Ye utuvienyes!: (I just refined my search a little!) Chez Ouiz has the most beautiful felt ornaments I have seen. I can't tell you how much I'm itching to make a set of these!

But having read Jennifer's post the other day (did you subscribe to her blog yet???), I don't think I'll start another project. Unless you want me to make them for you for your Christmas gift (next year).


10 points if you know where that quote comes from. MoW, you can't play.


  1. Wow, your are the links queen of the day. I'm going to have fun visiting and planning different ideas.

  2. Little man and I made an apple and a globe out of construction paper last year....which I think I've misplaced....I really want to start and finish a Jesse tree this year, even if we draw it on poster board (am thinking of ordering the Illuminated Ink)Thanks for good thoughts and links, love, ss


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