Friday, November 28, 2008


Do you see the evil spaghetti squash lurking in back of the beautiful, good fruit?

He's so evil that he couldn't wait for the microwave. While I was on the computer (remember the blogging addiction?) the other day, we heard a familiar **boom**. He had rolled off the counter for no good reason and fallen onto the floor where he cracked open!

But I had the last laugh. I dealt him several decisive blows with a butcher knife and put him in the microwave. No further explosions that day! muahahahaha!

So, today, HE is the failure.


  1. hahahah, you need to read my tom turkey post...diabolical homeschooling moms think alike...

  2. I think that your family and spaghetti squash are NOT meant to be! As Rhett would say, a vegetable should look like a vegetable, otherwise IT IS evil


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