Thursday, August 6, 2015

PHFR Bathrooms

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You guys, I love, love, love this bathroom! (And bathrooms, especially orange ones, are very difficult to photograph! Sorry about that!) I was seriously doubting myself after taking the "Funny" photo, but it turned out beautifully. I think so, anyway.

It all started with this paisley shower curtain from HomeGoods a couple of years ago, but we finally got around to stripping the wallpaper, painting, and replacing the vanity, countertop, and toilet. Sadly, since I drowned my phone at summer camp, I lost all my "before" photos. :-( This post has a picture of the wallpaper in the process of being stripped.

The shower curtain is not as peachy as it looks here (hard to photograph in an orange room!). It has a tan/cream background.

I picked up the perfect little striped bowl in the Dollar Spot at Target. That's probably where the toothbrush holder came from a few months ago, also!

 Loving these Kohler Devonshire faucets and accessories that I put in both bathrooms.

I'm thrilled that this beachy picture works better in this decor than it did with the old paper!

I wish you could see how well the counter and floor tile look together. The colors are perfect and the marble-like print on the floor looks great with the small pattern on the quartz counter.


We are all happy with it, now! (And yes, that's a good photo of the true color behind Meg) I'm especially happy that I found the perfect mirror at HomeGoods. Katie and I hung it and got it perfectly centered and level the first time around. (Can I get a high five?) 


The first photo I took of the bathroom as soon as the painter left. It was still wet, which makes it brighter, and the afternoon sun was streaming in, so I was was not happy. I went to a swim meet after taking this, and kept looking at it thinking, "what have I done?!" Leila was the only person who encouraged me and thought it would be pretty!


If you look closely at the Happy picture, you can see that there are still (STILL!) 2 missing drawer handles on the far end. They seem to be lost in the mail. 

(ha! they JUST arrived!) 

Both bathrooms are finally finished, and I think they're lovely---so lovely that I can forget the stress and heartache and indecision. It was a happy accident that most of the accessories work well with the new design, so bonus likes for that! I'm getting a serious urge to do my bathroom now....but we still have to deal with the basement, and then there's a little matter of my husband can probably breathe a sigh of relief that we won't be taking on that project for quite a while!


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