Tuesday, August 4, 2015

AHG Summer Camp

Last week I had an unexpected "vacation" as a last-minute substitute at an American Heritage Girls summer camp. It was a vacation from my ordinary household duties and the never ending home renovations, but I traded that pretty comfortable routine for an intense week of heat, humidity, bugs, long days, and lots of girls!

I have a variety of feelings about summer camp since I didn't go as a child and this is only my second time as an adult. It's sort of a love/hate thing.

LOVE: being in the great outdoors most of the day
HATE: unrelenting humidity

LOVE: lots of other women to talk to all day long
HATE: listening to 8 of them snore at night! You thought your husband was bad---try 8 roommates!

LOVE: cabins with electricity
HATE: the permanent structures that are also permanent homes for spiders of all types and ticks galore (and some super-creepy crawly thing that we have never seen before and have not been able to identify! )

LOVE: pavilions that provide sturdy shelter from afternoon thunderstorms
HATE: tin roofs that make it much hotter underneath

LOVE: young girls
HATE: the frustrations of dealing with little girls who hate camp, bugs, bathrooms, cooperating, and really shouldn't be there

LOVE: badge sessions like Shooting Sports and learning to shoot along with the girls
HATE: badge sessions after lunch and in the late afternoon which are soporific no matter what the subject!

LOVE: cell phones and the opportunity to talk to my husband sometimes, when I'm not too busy with those unhappy little girls
HATE: dropping my phone in the toilet on the last day!!!! (stupid shallow pocket in my shorts)

LOVE: my new iphone6
HATE: losing all my photos from the past 2 months :-(

LOVE: going home!
HATE: saying goodbye to new friends

(These girls got stuck in traffic on the way home and had a chance to honor the fallen Marines from Chattanooga)

I am STILL tired from the week! It seems like there is frequently work to be done after the girls FiNALLY go to bed, and if there isn't, the Leaders stay up too late talking. What's the best part? Sharing the week with my daughter and sharing stories with other women all week. What are your memories of camp?

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