Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minimizing My Life

Did you see this article on how much stuff we own? Or is it how that much stuff that owns us??? Do you ever drive through an old town and wonder at the size of the houses? Where my dad lives, which is where he grew up, the old houses are small. I remember my grandparents' home and my aunt's home which are tiny by today's standards, but they didn't feel small to me. And I believe there are actually smaller ones in town, and people had more children then than they do now! I guess everyone aspires to a higher standard of living than their parents, but it seems as if that is just a bubble that has to pop eventually. Maybe it has; I see more and more news about minimizing and simplifying life. That's what the Tiny House craze is all about.

I'm enamored of the tiny houses, but people keep telling me I need room for the many children (I have) and grandchildren (I hope to have). Until other people (ahem!) are on board with me about downsizing the house, I can still simplify the rest of the house. Recent flooding events are a perfect time to do so. My plan is to bring back upstairs, only those things that we love. I'm afraid it will still be Too Much Stuff, but I'll try.

Have you seen the articles on minimzing or building a capsule wardrobe? I tried encapsulating my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago. The goal was to get it down to 37 items, shoes, bottoms, tops, jackets. I had a really hard time doing that! In the end, I kept a few other items that go in the Uniform category---AHG shirts, khakis, a red & a blue sweater for winter---and a Workout Wear category that I pared down quite a bit, also.

That's what is in my closet and dresser now: clothes that fit and make me feel good about myself. I got rid of anything that didn't make me happy! I also saved, in the ill-fated basement, clothes for winter, and a few too-small items that I really would love to wear again. At least they're not in my closet mocking me on a daily basis! I'll have to get the basement cleared out by fall to be able to reach the cold-weather items!

I'd love to know if you've tried minimizing or simplifying your life and if you have any tips. Shameless blog promotions are acceptable! ;-)


  1. I would love to minimize. Several things keep me from doing it -- time. I know I could do it in little chunks but once I'm into it, I don't want to stop? I never have the time necessary to clean out one space, much less the whole house. People -- I live with one particular pack rat (the one who I really need to be on board) who keeps more than we get rid of which is why we have too much JUNK!

    I'll be reading -- any comments you get and more posts on this subject. I'd be curious to know what you do with extra fabric and yarn. Those are my only two "hard to get rid of" items.

    1. I'm part of the problem here, but not the whole problem! ;-) My daughter suggested The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo---which I ordered. LOL!

      I'll tell you right now that I only get rid of yarn that I hate and refuse to knit with. Fabric is a little easier because sewing isn't my main hobby. Books are the real problem around here. We love books!

  2. Living the downsized life.....and it's wonderful....although I haven't gone to the 'minimalistic' life. Went from 3400 sq ft to just about 1000, one bedroom (although the little cottage we downsized to was home to a 3 child household back in the 30s and 40s....just like you said)---we turned one existing bedroom into a den, and another space that was used as a bedroom into the laundry. I still have way too much stuff, but what I have I actually USE. William Morris' idea of only having what is useful or brings you pleasure is actually quite liberating. Downsizing is never a job that is done once and never looked at again, and I know I'm way over due in needing to purge again!!! Good luck with your project. I'll be following your progress!!

    1. Wow, with people following my progress, I might have to follow through! ;-) And blog about it! I had plans to do a small section today and.....never got to it.

      It's going to be a long summer.


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