Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Day Today!

Today is the last day with these honey oak floors! Meg said goodbye to them with a bit of Sharpie action.

We stripped out all the carpeting and I'm sure the neighbors love that we've left it all in the driveway. 

Have you ever removed old carpeting? It's a dusty job and the amount  of dirt underneath is shocking! And it's not evenly distributed across the room but only where we walk. Gross! 

I am looking forward to living in a less dusty environment. I need to invest in a few good doormats and a dust mop. If you have hardwoods/engineered hardwood everywhere, what do you use to keep your floors clean?

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  1. When we bought our wood floors, the shop owner recommended Bona products (I told him I intended to use vinegar and water and he told me to never use a bucket and mop on wood floors). I use a fluffy Bona cloth head (you just switch them out) for dusting and a terry sortofstyle for cleaning. I bought about a gallon of cleaner and refill the smaller spray bottle. It seems to do a pretty good job, though the color of our our floors almost never shows dirt (a good and bad thing). We have plastic woods floors (like pergo but there is absolutely no wood in it) in our family room and we couldn't afford to tear all that up and replace it when we did our wood floors. Bona has a product for that too, so I switch cleaning "heads" and switch bottles in there.


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