Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exploring Our Downtown

Have you explored all the sites where you live? We can live someplace for YEARS and never take the time to explore the area!

Isn't that sky amazing? It was a perfect day!

In the past couple of weeks we have taken the time to explore our quaint, little downtown.  There is a lot of building going on----they've torn down the old City Hall and built a new one---- which is gorgeous. They are taking the opportunity to build a whole new city center and just, generally, make the whole area more appealing and accessible.

So we walked all over the place to see what is out there. It's a happening little place with some great shops and restaurants. There are several areas like this with benches surrounding a little fountain. Many of the original buildings date from just after the Civil War, though I think there are a couple left from before the war. 

This is the (probably new) rustic entrance to a restaurant.

I hope we spend more time downtown from now on. Frankly, I really want to buy one of the older, little homes nearby and fix it up! 

Maybe not THIS one! :-) But it is cute.....

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  1. We have a quaint little "uptown" -- they call it -- too. Very historic, but with lots of new places taking over store fronts. It's a college town. I often think I'd like one of the darling little craftsman style homes within walking distance of the main street, but then I think I don't have the energy to redo another house. That white one IS cute, but think of how much stuff you'd have to get rid of to move there! And no place for anyone to sleep when they come home. ;-)


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