Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Knitting

I took a short break from my knitting---just one torturous day---because I discovered Sunday night that the number of stitches on the back and front of my tunic were not the same. They started out the same, but I somehow managed to lose (or decrease) too many on one side. Afraid that this would make it too wonky to wear, I put it down for the day until I had time to carefully recount.

I think the camera preferred the book colors to the yarn. It's prettier than that!

I finally had time to re-count last night and got completely different numbers from the night before! Since there is only a one-stitch difference (instead of 5 or 6!) I'm going to go with it. It will be fine. 

I hope.

So, today I am reading AND knitting. (That doesn't sound at all like a recipe for disaster, does it?) Meg watched Catching Fire last week, and then The Hunger Games. Captured by THG, I had to re-watch CF (because I hadn't seen the whole thing the day before) and then we watched Mockingjay, Pt. 1. Naturally, all that lead to my needing to reread the entire series! I am engrossed. I love this series and how Katniss is such a flawed human being, but she generally has honest instincts and is drawn to helping anyone weaker than herself. Have you read it?

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