Friday, December 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1. Tomorrow is St. Nicholas day! It's always one of our favorite days of the year when St. Nicholas fills our Christmas stockings with way too much candy and little goodies!

For breakfast we will have coffee, candy, and a Kringle which I found at Trader Joe's and saved for this occasion! That's appropriate, don't you think?

2. Did you know that you have one more day to use the coupon code holiday20 at my Etsy shop at ? You can get one of a kind book blankeys for the favorite little child in your life!

3. Did you know you have one more day to use the coupon code holiday20 at my Etsy shop at ? If you look at the sidebar on the right you can see that there are some yummy Cowls and ear warmers and scarves in the shop!

4. Our school set up this amazing little room for Advent. They put lights up and then covered all the walls and ceiling with wrinkled craft paper and set the holy family in a little niche. It has chairs and Gregorian chant playing, and you can go in and sit and have a few quiet moments in prayer. The students have had the opportunity to go in during the school day and listen to a little meditation. It's really beautiful! I took the opportunity to sit and pray the St. Andrew novena yesterday morning----that particular prayer in that particular setting was just a perfect way to start my day!

5. Getting a pair of hand knit socks from me for Christmas means that I love you. Not that I don't love the people that I don't make socks for, but you know what I mean!

This year there are two people that I want to make socks for, and I'm getting a very. late. start. so say a prayer for me!

6. Meg has been watching far too many DIY decorating gurus on YouTube lately. But it has had the beneficial effect of getting her to clean her room! She has decluttered most of the room and gotten rid of a lot of junk, and now she wants to do some DIY decorating.

She found some pictures online that she really liked, so we bought a couple of frames to supplement the ones we already had, did some spray painting and now she has this awesome little collage of pictures to put on her wall! I think it is super cute!

She also did a little washi tape design on her dresser to jazz it up:
 How cool is that?!

7.  Gratuitous arty jellybean photo. Just because. #MeggieSnaps


  1. Oh i wish my kids would watch design videos and clean their room! I love the dresser.

    1. I guess your kids are busy doing things like caring for younger siblings, reading books, knitting, or playing outside to watch design videos and clean. I'd be happy with any of those alternatives!

  2. i loved the diy comment!! When my kids were little (no diy in those days!!!) we'd 'play' Better Homes and Garden....they were coming to do a photo shoot, and we had to not only clean, but they got to 'decorate' their rooms for the magazine. (hee hee....years later ---and different house--- we actually WERE in a couple national magazines!! I knew all those years of practice would pay off someday!!!)


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