Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday in the Life

Up at 6:15-ish to visit with the hubby while he shaves, then downstairs by 6:30 to make sure Meg is up, Pip is still sick, and check the mail. You know, I really hate writing down for the world that, other than my morning offering immediately on waking, I'm not starting my day curled up in prayer and spiritual reading. See what changed on FB and email before a quick shower and taking Meg to school.

At school, I go in to drink my coffee and chat with other moms until traffic dies down. It's dangerous and stressful to try to make a left turn out of the school in the morning, so a little coffee-klatch is awesome. Get home around 9:00 to check on Pip who is alive and talking! Yay! He's feeling well enough to be downstairs and watch all three two episodes of The Lord of the Rings today. lol.

I make myself a decent breakfast and some toast for him, then settle in at the computer to write yesterday's blog post (and start today's), catch up on email, read a few blogs, and do some necessary Sacrament of Confirmation paperwork for Pip.

Hot chocolate/mocha, and sit down to knit for a few minutes before I feel compelled to clean up the house!

Hmmm, not sure I ever really felt compelled to clean up the house yesterday! I knitted (watched a video on YouTube and learned how to double-knit so both sides look like knit) and watched LOTR for about an hour until it was time to pick up Meg from school.

I've been listening to Year of Wonders on CD in the car. I've been enjoying it, and I'm near the end, so I sat in the car for a few minutes after I got home, to see if I could finish it. But no. Would you believe the only CD player in the house these days is in Meg's room?

On the schedule after school was more LOTR, ;-), and tagging and boxing my first Etsy sale. That involved rubber stamps, inks, trial and error, etc. Then a little more knitting before starting dinner which was spatchcocked chicken, roasted butternut squash, and salad. That was about an hour of prep!

More playing with yarn....I've decided I need to keep a notebook where I write down the yarns used and the design for the things I make and sell, like the book blankies (because I might want to repeat it sometime). 

Dinner was late because DH was late, and then I helped with the kitchen, started the crockpot going for chicken broth, and sat down with hot chocolate to knit and read GWTW until prayers.

I'm really, really going to try to take pictures for you today! :-)

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  1. I wish I could read and knit at the same time. Congratulations on your first Etsy sale!


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