Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Day in the Life

Do you want to know what a week in my life is like these days? It's not filled with quite as much mayhem as in the past, but it's still pretty busy. I rarely sit and do nothing, although I do spend a little too much time engaged with my phone when I do sit. I'm trying to curb that habit. I'd really rather read or knit, or both, and the iphone is a black hole!

Monday is a home day for our 2 hybrid home-schoolers. Katie was home Sunday, stayed over- night and had to leave at 10 a.m., so after checking email, FB, and blogs, I woke Meg and Pip around 7 or 7:30. Pip's response was, "I have a sore throat." He rolled over and stayed in bed. Meg got up. I gathered their laundry, sorted it, and started a load before I went down to the basement to alter Katie's chorus dress and re-hem and repair a thrift store skirt she got. I listened to "The Catholics Next Door" podcast and talked to a couple of people who called me early in the morning while I sewed.

Meg was up doing school when I came back up; Pip was on the sofa with a fever. I changed out the laundry and started another load; Katie left, and I sent Pip to bed so he could get better rest and we would get less exposure to the plague. My frantic fingers were itchy, so I brought up a bin of yarn to see what I could make with it (as if I didn't already have at least 4 projects going!). I sat at the table and knitted up this cowl while Meg worked.

I checked mail and FB while walking the dog, and I declared it a gorgeous day when I got back! Look at the vivid blue sky behind her! Meg modeled the cowl for me for Rosy Knits.

Afterwards, Meg decided we needed burgers for dinner and that required buns from the store. So, I checked on Pip and gave him whatever he needed, and Meg and I walked the mile to the store and back again. (She hates exercise, but she likes little adventures!) Not one to let grass grow under my feet, I added the cowl to the Etsy shop while we walked! After that, I promise I put the phone away and we enjoyed our walk!

More laundry after the walk, and a little rest. Pip was still sleeping. I can't even remember what I was wrapped up in after the walk---probably trying to figure out what to knit next---and doing some work on the computer, like editing the school newsletter. Meg was a sweetheart and folded the 3 loads of laundry. I think I knitted the rest of the afternoon until it was time to cook dinner because I was feeling kind of blah myself.

After dinner there were some newsletter fires to put out, and emails to return, FB to check, knitting to do, until bedtime. I should have taken pictures, but I hadn't planned on doing this. The family room and kitchen looked a disaster with yarn, laundry, and books everywhere!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, a school day! Aren't you excited? :-)


  1. You just whipped up that scarf?!? Skills!! Glad you're here.

    1. "Whipped up" over the course of about 3 hours. It's what keeps me at the table, present, and ready to help with schoolwork---which she totally doesn't want, so it's really just for me! ;-)


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