Thursday, October 2, 2014

True Confessions

I made it to Confession last night for the first time in 3 months. So many things just kept cropping up on confession nights that I couldn't make it. Saturdays are always busy with places to drive the kids. However, when you get right down to it, there's really no excuse for not making the time----the rest of the family did. My husband, God bless him, made sure he and the kids got there every few weeks!

I've noticed recently that I had lost all my peace and calm within. Frustrations were mounting in all the different areas of my life, and I know that some of that has to do with not going to confession. Maybe they're just "ordinary" venial sins that everyone has, but it feels so much better to confess and get them off my mind and heart on a regular basis. Aside from a hot mess of swirling emotions inside, it's hard to make decisions in your life when you're not fully right with God.

So, to get to confession last night, I had to miss choir rehearsal (which had been moved up half and hour, making both confession and choir impossible on the same night). It was worth it, and it helped cement the idea that it's time for me to retire from the choir. (Sorry, I'm not a poet; that wasn't meant to rhyme! ;-) ) It's time for me to sit in the pew with my family---my husband and my 2 remaining children at home---on Sundays.

I hope I never go so long again without confession. Having my inner peace return is a wonderful thing, and I hope (and pray) that it spreads to those other areas of my life where tensions are building.


  1. You're so right! Having a clean slate does wonders :)

  2. Confession is such a blessing. It is funny how easily we can put it off but always feel better after going. I had such a terrible summer and finally one day, I said, "that is it! I'm going to confession!" The depression and worries that had been plaguing me either disappeared or became manageable once more.

    We are so lucky to have such a gift!


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