Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekly Rambles

What’s really on my mind and heart?

It was a wonderful couple of weeks around here. We had a lovely Easter, followed by my dear husband's birthday. He had sort of a "Birthday Weekend" because we couldn't manage to get the family together for one big celebration. Even those of us who live here couldn't be all together at the same time!

What am I thankful for?

  • I'm thankful for car accidents that damage only cars and not people.
  • The gift of Divine Mercy
  • Two new saints! St. John XXII and St. John Paul II, pray for us!
  • Friends who take my daughter camping when I can't go
  • Kids who drop in for short visits when they can't stay long

What’s going on in school?

Oh my! We're counting down to the end of the year already. Our high school senior, Tom, is finished with most activities, and is down to classes in the single digits. Graduation is in 2.5 weeks!

The younger two have schedules filled with end-of-year projects and drama productions.

Graduation and Projects will all clash alarmingly in 2 weeks. Yikes.

What’s cooking?

After taking grains, sugar, dairy, coffee, soy out of my diet at the end of January, I felt fantastic. Slowly, I started adding them back in, though not slowly enough. Now, they're all back (though sugar and wheat are still extremely minimal) and I'm in a lot of pain. My back and neck pain is much, much worse than it needs to be, or than it was during Lent. Listening to an interview yesterday, Dr. Datis Kharrazian explained that inflammation causes pain. So, off we go again!

And, at the same time, I need to plan menus for graduation week and lots of visitors.

What’s on the needles?

Color Affection and Sock Yarn Blanket.  I'm tantalizingly close to the end of the Color Affection --not that I'll get much use out of it before October!

What’s special about this week?

Nothing. It's the calm before the storm.

What am I reading?

I've just begun to read Leila's book, The Little Oratory, that was in my Easter basket. I haven't gotten very far yet, but I plan to make a lot more progress tonight. It's so pretty, and after flipping through it a bit, I wish I had had this one when I was a young Catholic just starting to raise my children in the faith!

What am I praying about?

  • Elizabeth
  • Eric
  • Gratitude in all things
  • Priests, deacons, and religious

What projects are happening at home?

All the things that need to be done before a houseful of guests arrive! Some of them don't need to be done, but it's nice to have them done before guests come.  You know, those little things that bother you about the house, but they haven't come to top of the to-do list----like dealing with the laminate that peels off the kitchen cabinets. (Who thought that was a good idea?) I'm also painting a yard-sale table to put in my craft room and help organize my stuff. Not that anyone but me cares what my craft room looks like, but I would prefer that it NOT look like the household dumping ground!

What are you up to? Most of my readers probably aren't gearing up for the end of the year quite yet. 

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  1. sock yarn blanket is moving along….i just love the stories that it tells!!


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