Friday, April 4, 2014

Quick Mid-Lent Takes


Have you done your mid-Lent checkup to see how you're doing with your sacrifices? No? Me, neither. So, here goes.


The Skirt-Up Challenge. I'm heartily sick of wearing skirts every day! I groan nearly every morning when I have to decide which skirt to wear that's appropriate for the ever-changing weather, and then which shoes to go with it. Shoes are the biggest problem---never in my life have I felt like I had the "right" shoes to go with an outfit, so this adds to the groanage every morning! 

Nevertheless, I choose an outfit, and I say a prayer for women who have lost their way or don't know the true beauty and meaning of womanhood. (Oh, and if you don't, go get my friend Pat's book for yourself or a friend!) The thing is, even though I want to wear jeans, I generally feel very comfortable and feminine in my skirts. It's not that much of a struggle, at all.
I thought about doing a series of photos for every skirt outfit during Lent, but then I realized how truly penitential that would be for myself and others. Here's today's pic, though. No shoes yet. And that's a $12.99 skirt from Costco. Love it!

The Jesus Tree or Calendar---where we read a Bible story every day to prepare for Easter. Not happening. We opted, instead, for memorizing scripture at dinner. It's working, and we are slowly building our repertoire of verses. It's hard for the adults, but I was thrilled when I saw someone reference Gen. 1:31 yesterday and I knew exactly what it said without looking it up!

That little vase of extra penances isn't getting used as much as I would like. 

Meg, Pippo, and I are still listening to the New Testament on the way to school, but it's Spring Break this week and I have missed it. I think we need to incorporated it into our days when we are staying home, too!
The Flocknote Lenten reflections are great. And so are Fr. Barron's . It's not too late if you need a boost before Holy Week!

This isn't strictly a Lenten penance, though going into the kids' bathroom can be very penitential. I finally broke and decided to leave them a couple of notes. Every. Single. Day. the boys shower and then leave the door closed---I don't know why. They don't turn on the exhaust fan, and the smell of the humidity and mildew growing makes me a little crazy. And the toilet....sigh.

I'm wrapping up leading the Consoling the Heart of Jesus 10-week retreat, next week. It has been amazing. I'm so looking forward to Holy Week, Easter, and, especially, Divine Mercy Sunday after this. If you haven't done this retreat yet, I highly recommend joining a group, starting a group at your parish or just with a group of friends. It's really one of the most rewarding "retreats" I've ever done!
Join the fun at Jen's for more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Love the shower notes! Noah NEVER turns on the fan. Even after being asked a hundred times. And he "runs" hot. I don't know how he can stand it. And we go to bed right after he showers, so it never gets properly vented. Mike Holmes says you should run the fan for 30 minutes after a shower. Yes, the mold...yuck.

    Love your skirt, too. You're almost to sandal season, right? Lands End has some very cute loafers on their sale page. Cute, cute.

  2. After 4 days, the toilet lids are still up, but it's been flushed, and the door is staying open with the fan on. Score!

    Heading over to LE....


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