Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hamburger Cupcakes

Meg, the Budding Blogger, has been dying to make these cupcakes disguised as hamburgers.  I finally told her she could do it as long as I didn't have to do any of the work.  She attempted to document all her steps, as any self-respecting food blogger would!

That missing cupcake is because someone went a little crazy with a sharp knife on my silicon muffin pan.  Grrrr.

Brownies that were made a day in advance, giving pickers opportunities to pick!  We had discussed making them in a 9x13 pan so there would be more, thinner, brownies, but she forgot.  Personally, I liked the thick brownie burger patty (because who doesn't like more chocolate?).

The lettuce is coconut flakes dyed green.  The ketchup and mustard are buttercream, dyed to match.  She did a great job pulling together pinks and purples to make the red.  It was a little easier, I think, to get the correct mustard color which was frighteningly accurate!

The taste was very sweet, but the textures was very much like a real, albeit slightly overcooked, crusty burger.  It was weird that it felt like a burger in your mouth, but didn't taste like one!

We all thought they were pretty awesome, but as with real hamburgers, one is usually enough.  ;-)  


  1. Very cute! One of us needs to start a regular linky thing -- Faith would love to post her recipes a lot more.

  2. That is awesome!! Tell her great job and she has to make them again on April Fools!


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