Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Started!

round button chicken

Did I show you this picture of me and Meg at the Mother/Daughter Tea?  It was back in the spring, but the picture was only sent to us recently.  It was a lovely tea party/mini-retreat put on by some ladies in our homeschool group.  


Another picture of my babies off to school!  Because that is consuming all our thoughts these days as we try to learn the homework system and figure out how to school at home and away.  Their backpacks are so. heavy.  Pip's is extended as far as it will go.  Meg carries a backpack AND a messenger bag!  In fact, Pip said to count to 3 and he would stand up straight under the load in time for the picture.  Funny, but sad.


I know, it's just a lame picture of a dog on his back!  I'm still amazed when I see our once very dominant dog willing to lie on his back with his belly exposed.  He's not perfect, but he's so much better than he used to be!

(Scraping the bottom of the barrel here for funny!)


A glimpse of some of the mess in my foyer.  See those books in the back?  Help me out by stopping by my curriculum sale and shopping a little!  I'm cleaning out a bunch of the school books that will never get used again.


  1. Happy new school year!! Let the adventure begin. I love the photo of you and your eldest daughter. Beautiful.


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