Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick School Takes


Barbara asked how school is going, and it has taken 10 days for me to get around to answering.  What does that tell you?  It's a little crazy around here, learning the ropes at the hybrid school.


It's definitely weird not being The Teacher, and not knowing what the lesson plans are.  Yes, we print them out for the week, and I can read them, but that's not the same as planning them and knowing the whole outline for the year!  I have to keep reminding them that I can help with math problems and other questions since I'm still the Primary Educator!  (wink! wink!I also have to check a bunch of things, and check off that they've been completed because the teacher never sees them----like handwriting practice.  So, I have all these Teacher Duties without the glory of being The Teacher. :-/


I'm very proud of how Pippo (and all my previous 9th graders) has risen to the challenge of an exponential increase in homework.  He has a ton of work to do, and he's been very dedicated and uncomplaining.  To be brutally honest with myself, I know that that is due to his (and their) being happy to go To School.  If I assigned that exact same work and they were home with me all day, I would never hear the end of the whining and moaning!  

Meg has had a couple of rough days of homework, too.  I don't think it's terribly excessive (maybe more than I would assign a 6th grader), but she's had some seriously long days of work at home.  They are both learning that they can't just come home and crash after school, but they need to buckle down and do math and, maybe, another subject, too.


Socially, they're both loving getting up and dressing in their uniforms, and getting to see peers all day long.  Well, Meg is.  Pippo is as blasé as a 9th grade boy should be about School.   I don't know how he can be blasé with 8 girls and only 3 boys in his class.  Sounds like good odds.  


How am I doing, you ask?  After 23 years of having children around all the time?  I'm seriously enjoying my 7 hours of peace and quiet 2 days a week!  I stay very busy with things around the house, but it's nice!  And it's about the only thing that is saving my sanity since the driving is turning into a minor nightmare.

Tuesday's not so bad.  I bring Meg and Pip home, kill an hour (lol!), and then go get Tom in the rush hour traffic.  But the past 2 Thursdays are about to drive me over the brink!  I pick them up from school, drive 5 minutes to Cross Country practice, hang around for over an hour (Meg does math), and then take them all to pick up Tom from school.  Since this is the height of rush hour, it takes twice as long as it should (ok, not really.  It's just 20 extra minutes.  But still!) and I'm ready to cry by the time we inch the last, slow mile home.  Do any of you have that issue?  What do you do??  

When AHG starts on Thursdays next week, and I have to turn around and leave as soon as Meg and I can put on uniforms, I may have a nervous breakdown.  Really, really hoping that God comes up with a plan, there.  :-)


Fridays are going to be a little awkward from now on with Meg taking Art and Chorus.  I'll have to take her after lunch, kill 2 hours somewhere, maybe at home, and go back for her at 2:30. Sometimes Pip will be finished then, and sometimes he'll have extra-curriculars for another hour. I think it's a good thing I've been spinning a lot, because I think I'm going to have lots of knitting and reading time in the car!


The final Quick Take is that, overall, we're very happy with our hybrid choice, thus far.  There have been hiccups, but I think it will be awesome overall.  There are some great Catholic families in this school that I'm glad my kids get to spend time with.  And the Quiet Time for Mom isn't too shabby, either.  :-)

How's your school year going?


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  1. I've been holding my breath all this time. ;-)
    It sounds like a lot of work, but you only do it twice a week? When I was reading I was having post traumatic stress flashbacks to grade school with my second son and doing homework until forever. That's why we started homeschooling.

  2. That driving would drive me crazy too! Busy times!

  3. My "quiet time" has been taken up with doctor's appointments and errands. Next week, I only get 3 days of "quiet time" because of Daniel's ENT and audiology appointments and one of those days will be spent at the local SSA office trying to get them to fix some mistakes.

  4. Sounds like things are working themselves out...and God will take care of the rest right. I can't imagine that break. I think I would just pace around in circles not really sure what I should be doing and positive I was forgetting something or someone, lol!

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