Friday, September 14, 2012

My Aching Quick Takes


I've finally figured out how to get my coffee intravenously.  Well, not exactly intravenously, but FAST---I just put it in a whey protein shake and it goes down really quickly.  Yes, you lose a lot (if not all) of that tarry goodness, but it works better.  'Cuz, I could just sip on a cup of reheated and reheated coffee all day long!


So, one week after the SkyZone adventure, I'm off for my 2nd chiropractic appointment.  I'm still having serious muscle spasms in the middle of my back, but it's really fine because I had a good time.  And anyway, it's not just my age, since Pip is having his 2nd appointment, too, and he's only 13.  The doctor was tsk, tsking the whole time he was checking him!


Last night's American Heritage Girl's meeting was awesome.  So many beautiful, little faces!  I was even pretty relaxed, and I feel like I'm getting the hang of running this ship after 4 years.


I got so much clutter out of my life this week---or off the main floor of my house, anyway.  I wish I had pictures of the To Be Donated piles in nearly every room, or the sewing machine and it's attendant pile of scraps and non-scraps on the dining room table, and books on any flat surface, and just general detritus.  Every.where.  A couple of days this week, I just started spending a few minutes in each room cleaning while Meg and Pip did their independent homework.  It worked great, and the house looks much better.  

It's pretty amazing how you can get overwhelmed and just not start.  I didn't intend to get so much done.  I just started, planning to do one room, and it just spreads.  Like a disease.  Only in a good way.


My room is still somewhat of a mess, but I still have lots to do in there.  I'm painting my bedroom furniture, which I showed you a Before of the other day.  I'm also decluttering drawers as I go.  However, I haven't been able to do any painting all week (see #4), but I'm hoping to start on the next piece this weekend.  Heck, I'm really hoping to start it today.  We shall see.


So, 3 hours later, I've been to the chiro, finished teaching supervising school AND painted hubby's nightstand AND cleaned all the bronze hardware on that and my dresser.  It can dry while we're at co-op and then I'll put it back in the room.


It may look like I'm SuperMom, but I'm not.  One of my AHG moms was asking the other day how I ever got it all done when my kids were little, which I'd been wondering myself just recently.  The answer:  I didn't.  If the house was clean, we were behind on schoolwork.  If I was taking care of a baby, the house was a mess.  If I was taking care of schoolwork, the house was a mess.  Babies weren't usually neglected because People Before Things, you know, and there were lots of siblings to hold them and play with them.  Basically, when you have lots of young children, you take care of them first, and then you pretty much just rotate through the rest of the stuff.  It's a balancing act.


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  1. aaaah. so that's the fruit of mid-life? decluttering? it seems that's all I do (in my case, I have a 40 +hr work week outside the home) like flylady suggests, I only go for 15 minutes in the evening. even with that, it seems a lot gets done.

    good for you! (even the insanity of sky zone!)

    1. Sometimes I think I'm decluttering because I realize that the minions are moving out and I'll have to take care of all this stuff by myself!

  2. okay. I really needed to read #7.

    thank you thank you thank you.

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by as busy as you are with your adorable little family!

  3. #2: My massage therapist (who is trained to deal with fibro patients) recommends a bath with 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of epsom salts after a massage. I've done just a bath with epsom salts if I've had something like a 5K walk earlier in the day and it keeps me from being in agony the next day.

    #7: Good to know. Seriously... I frequently felt like a failure before Daniel started preschool because I couldn't do everything.


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