Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Overdue Projects

2 projects that I finally tackled on Saturday were covering Katie's ottoman that goes with The Chair, and  making a new valence for my kitchen window.

The ottoman turned out to be very simple and quick with my handy staple gun.  Meg had the idea of how to do the corners which was perfect, and I'm thrillllled with it.  And the fact that it was so easy.  Katie's not sure she wants it, so we may be stuck with it  get to keep it.  

Good thing it's cute.

Since I'm slooowly switching up the colors around the house, to cheery blues and greens, Sweet Katie brought home a vintage, (read:  don't get this thing near an open flame!) pinch-pleat curtain panel for me to re-purpose.  It wasn't quite wide enough, so I had to turn it sideways.  I cut off the pleated top, turned it, and sewed a rod pocket across the top.  After stitching up that cut edge, of course.

Love the colors!

 See that little painting peeking out from the top?  I guess I'm going to have to move that one.

 I had some jersey strips in my scrap pile that were the perfect length and color for tying it up.  Moving the tension rod all the way up to the top of the cabinets, instead of just above the window, was the last little detail that made it perfect!

The little painting is now hanging under the cabinet.  Can you guess what it's hanging on?  

It's hanging on the unneeded phone jack since we just got rid of our landline last week!  I think that worked out perfectly.


What kinds of things have you done around the house that were unexpectedly easy (unlike The Chair!) and you absolutely LOVE?

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