Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Why does Friday feel like a Day Off?  When Friday rolls around, I am so ready for the week to be over---I want to sit and surf the 'net all morning, maybe blog my Quick Takes, and then spend the rest of the day decluttering.  


Alas...none of that is possible....except maybe spending too much time surfing and blogging when I should be waking the kids and starting school.  Our homeschool co-op starts today which is always a nightmare  a lot of fun for the kids.  It's a lot of work for moms on Friday afternoons when we're all ready to start the weekend with a glass of wine, but that's what Self-Sacrifice is all about, right?


The need for decluttering around here is reaching epic proportions.  I've started the process, but not gotten very far----only far enough so as to bring a lot of clutter into the library and leave it for the dog to chew on.  Having the dog chew on books and tapes that are destined for Goodwill is far preferable to his chewing on the leg of my dining chair, for which crime I would cheerfully wring his furry neck.


Okay, Dog Lovers, I didn't hurt him, even though I wanted to.  I put him in time-out and sprayed everything with Bitter Apple.  So now he just chews on other things.


Despite the fact that he has really good chewy toys that he makes good use of, I don't know why this naughty chewing has started after months of NOT chewing on anything!  But he has this funny habit of stealing socks and napkins from the laundry, and he'll bring it to the room I'm in and start whining.  Just stand in the doorway and whimper, or lie in another room with it and whimper until I come take it away.  What's up with that?


So, Pip came downstairs this morning, all squint-eyed, which I thought was because it was bright and he had just opened his eyes.  But no, he was squinting because his super-long eyelashes were tangled up!  It's disgusting, amiright?  Why do guys, who couldn't care less, get the gorgeous eyelashes and the women don't?


Speaking of Pip----we signed him up for a triathlon on Sunday since he's been wanting to do one.  We thought it would be a couple of hours on Saturday morning, but no, it's Sunday.  But we have to go to the bike drop-off/Pep Rally Saturday afternoon/evening (which means no Vigil Mass), and then check in between 6 & 7 a.m. Sunday for a race that begins at 9:50.  By the time he's all done, we'll have missed all the Mass opportunities except for the teen Mass Sunday evening.  .  On the bright side, I'll probably have lots of waiting around time for knitting!


Join the fun at Jen's for more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. How old is Gus? Is he in his rebellious teens? I think it's funny that he tattles on himself! He would get crated at my house for his own safety! Urg.

    Happy Friday, friend. We start school on Monday so today is my last day of summer -- gotta get those lesson plans done!

  2. bah. you beat me to posting this. teehee.

    was in your neck of the woods last night on a mission of mercy for a mutual friend. i am so insanely busy leading up to the cnmc that I look forward to just staring at the wall for a day or three afterward. :)

  3. #7: bring some nice podcasts with you too.


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