Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Grateful Takes

I'm thankful it's Friday and we have a quiet weekend ahead!

It has been a week.  Let me tell you.  I can handle only so much excitement in my life or I start to get a bit stressed.   See?  I don't even know where I'm supposed to be looking while my picture is taken!

I'm very thankful for the gift of the Sacraments and a teenage boy who is excited to recieve Confirmation.  You know we had Confirmation on Sunday evening, and then a little party afterwards.  Here's a pic from the Mass.


I'm thankful for this guy even if he is a goofball when it comes to picture taking.  :-)

We also celebrated my Dear Husband's 50th birthday which was really just yesterday.

I'm thankful for the ability to send out prayer requests at the click of a mouse to hundreds of people!  

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I tweeted about one of my dearest friends being diagnosed with ovarian cancer on Friday.  I found out about it Saturday morning and it cast a pall over the entire week as we worried, and prayed, and waited for the test results which in my mind would just tell us what stage cancer she had.

I'm thankful for something meaningful to do which, usually, helps calm me down.  

I knitted frantically to calm my brain; I prayed frantically, while I knitted, for both her and another friend whose family needs lots of prayers.  I think I also ate a lot to calm myself, which didn't really work.  It just gave me something else to worry about!

I'm thankful for my understanding husband who doesn't mind if I'm not home for his birthday!

In my usual I'm-so-bad-with-dates way, I didn't even realize that the Big Birthday was on Thursday, the same day as my AHG meeting.  I had to be there because of extra stuff going on, and I had offered to take my friend's girls to the meeting, so I made him a nice dinner and dessert and left it for him to enjoy with the kids.

I'm thankful that I had to go pick up the girls for the meeting because I was able to hug my friend and cry with her over the news that the test results were NEGATIVE and she doesn't have cancer!  Well, I cried.  I think she was over the crying-with-relief stage and had moved on to pure joy.

I am just so Thankful that she doesn't have to endure that cross!  And neither do her 5 children who are just as lovely and sweet as she is.

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  1. Wow--it's negative!!! Adding my prayers of thanks! Cannot even imagine what your friend had been going through.


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