Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes


These should be really quick takes since I'm sitting here with wet hair and a zillion things to do today!


Meg and Pip are out gathering firewood in the woods for our (mine and Meg's) camping trip this weekend.  We'll be cooking over a fire, and I belatedly realized that that might require wood and not propane tanks.  So, they're out gathering while I'm frantically trying to figure out when I'm going to have time to work  1) Learn how to Build a Fire, and 2) Learn how to Cook over said Fire into my day.


I'm also a little pre-occupied with which church to attend on Sunday morning for Mass.  I'll be way out in the country and I have 2 small parishes within 30 minutes of the camp to choose from.  One will set me on my road home as it's on the way.  The other will take a bit more driving and I won't be any closer to home.  They both have pastors, so I'm psyched for either one.  But the farther away one has our old Parochial Vicar who is Awesome, and I consider him a personal friend, as well.  What would you do???


It's been such a peaceful, gorgeous week here!  It really feels like Easter; the Peace is outside in the lovely weather, and inside my soul.  It feels so nice to be free of all the angst and torment from Holy Week.  Even though there were many graces, there was also a lot of darkness and stress.  I'm so looking forward to being in the woods and seeing this park that I've wanted to go to for 15 years!


I'm not as excited about the cooking part.  I've been camping for years now, but this will be the first time I've had to teach anyone to do some of these things.  Like Build a Fire.


Have you read To Build a Fire by Jack London?  Scary.  Fortunately, it won't be cold enough to freeze to death, but we might starve to death if we don't get that fire built!


I'm finishing up a re-read of The Hunger Games this morning (no, that's not stopping me from doing my packing at all!  Why would you think that?).  Here's hoping the weekend in the woods with 15 girls and their moms will be nothing like that!


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  1. Drive to see your friend and enjoy the journey! Have fun. Don't forget your tinder ( keep it dry). Is a magnifying glass permissible? ;-)

  2. Hope the campout went well! I admire your courage--15 girls and moms on a campout. I don't admire it enough to want to go camping, however ;)
    I'm sure that with all those girls and moms, there was no shortage of S'mores.


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