Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pinning it Down #2

Today I'm participating in Pinning it Down at Everyday Snapshots, trying to turn that timewaster that is Pinterest into something useful and lifechanging.
 It seems that I don't waste as much time on Pinterest as some people because I use it on my phone 99% of the time, and it freezes up all the time.  When I think of checking it out on the computer, I can totally see why it becomes such a time sink!
 There are so many great ideas on there, and I love the organizational ones.  I just don't have time for most of those right now.
 So this week I opted to try the new OPI Shatter nail polish that Meg talked me into buying. I didn't think it was that attractive until I saw on Pinterest where someone used it over another color and put the Shatter on diagonally.  I saw it there, but I didn't repin it.  It still counts, right?
 That's it for this week.  Changing my pin at a time.

In the interest of really changing lives though....I'm totally stealing this from Elizabeth Foss.
Take the time to watch this video.  It's 6 minutes that could change your life...or at least your day.


  1. Of course it counts! Now how do you keep them from chipping?

  2. Pretty nails! Now I just have to find time to paint my nails...

  3. @Pam---that Sally Hansen Instant Dry is very chippy! 2 coats of sealer still didn't stop the chipping! But since its not a smooth, perfect finish, it's not as noticeable!

    @Heather---Thanks. If you homeschool, just do it during school, like me! ;-)

  4. You got me giggling with this one. :) Pretty nails!

    (And I love that video)


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