Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes


I was just going to listen to a podcast while I write my Quick Takes, figuring this is an easy post, but I'm learning that I can't multi-task as much as I would like!  The brain doesn't function well doing too many things of that nature.  I do wonder how teens manage to do their homework with music blasting in their ears all the time.  I don't think I ever did that, nor could I now.  They claim that it helps them focus.  What do you think?


My baby is turning 10 next week.  Double Digits.  The reality of that keeps hitting me in the face.  I look at the bookshelf and there are so many books that she hasn't read, or had read to her!  There are PBS shows that the other kids grew up watching that she's not familiar with! Wishbone, anyone?  I feel like I'm running out of time.  At the same time, I'm getting to do more for myself than I have in years.  I'm torn, but I do try to remind myself that in many ways she (and Pip) get more of me than the others did.  


I am doing a little multi-tasking this morning....not NOW, but a few minutes ago....I was knitting while reading blogs.  I'm trying to get a little progress done on Meg's birthay slippers which look like they might not get finished.  It's a gazillion rows of garter stitch (constant, plain knittting, that is) to be sewn together and felted, so I can do it without looking, and I have my handy little counter on my phone to keep track for me.  It even has a little alarm that goes off when I hit the "change color" row!


Yesterday I was reading a post at Mark's Daily Apple on contraception.  Mark did a pretty decent article on laying out the problems with oral contraceptives, but then I made the mistake of reading the comments (or a lot of them anyway).  A couple of people made a case for NFP, but they were pretty much shot down simply because people do occasionally get pregnant while using it.  No one mentioned the unintended pregnancies from contraception. Or the possibility that the users were improperly instructed or ill-informed.  STILL no one seems to understand the difference between "Vatican Roulette" the Rhythm Method and modern, well-instructed, NFP that is the Sympto-Thermal Method.  I find it very frustrating.


More than frustrating, I find it incredibly sad that people are so blase about children and the gift that they are.  So many people either have "absolutely no interest in ever having children" or feel they deserve one on their timetable.


In case you were wondering, the non-hormonal, copper IUD seems to win out as the contraceptive of choice for healthy people that want to do everything as naturally as possible for their bodies.  Real food.  Functional fitness.  No babies.  Makes perfect sense to me. (NOT)


And on that note, I will go awaken my 2 darling, still-at-home children so we can spend our rainy day together, doing schoolwork and curled up by the fire reading books.  Maybe watching a little essential, vintage PBS.


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  1. I checked my iphone for knitting apps and came up with quite a few. Which one do you use?

    On the topic of nfp -- people are too lazy to learn and use it. It's easier to take a pill. And they are ignorant of the truths of contracepting. Ignorant and/or lazy. That's the sad truth. :-(

  2. the thought of an iud being put in is enough to make me permanently cross my legs! i wish i didn't have to be on the pill (it mitigates out my really wicked pms) but it's a necessary evil if it means that i'm not bedridden during that week.

  3. The focusing thing is a crock. My older son has admitted that, like me, he loves music but can't have anything with lyrics going when he's trying to read or write. And my daughter was yelling the other day because we have choir practice in my house, and she was trying to study for a test--usually she's blasting her own radio, so what's the difference?

    My baby turns 10 in about 6 weeks and I'm SO with you on all of that!

    And yeah, what Barbara said about laziness and NFP. Plus, if it weren't for NFP, I wouldn't have had the kind of data I needed to back up my claims that things were abnormal (as they found out when a doctor finally listened and scheduled me for surgery!) We used (and taught) NFP for 19 years until my surgery canceled out the need for it.

  4. @Jen---I used to have wicked pms, too, just ask my husband! I wasn't bedridden, but I was meaaan. Changing to a much lower carb diet helped immensely. My "pms" these days is usually just one day of crankiness or tears.

    @Barb, sfo--- We taught for 10 years, too, and I love having the data that charting gives us. And I'm glad to know the music is just a crock!

    @Barbara---I have StitchMinder (free) and Stitch-n-Count (not free) which is kinda cool and manages several projects at once.


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