Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Epiphanies


I'll bet you didn't know you could have 7 (seven!) Epiphanies.  In addition to epiphany being the Manifestation of Christ to the Magi, it's also 
• a moment of sudden revelation or insight.


I see my last post was Monday.  And now it's Friday.  Let me just say that the busy-ness of 2012 has started with a vengeance.  Some of that (hello, Last Minute Knitting Projects) is self-imposed, and some of it (oh hey, Driving Here There, and Everywhere In One Day) is not.  Yesterday was crazy.  Today is only slightly less-so.  But I have real hope, keeping my fingers crossed, that next week will be better!


Today is the Feast of the Epiphany and Tom's 16th birthday!  We'll be celebrating all weekend with a little birthday tonight, a birthday party tomorrow, and Epiphany with the rest of the Church on Sunday.  If I were going to start a diet lifestyle as a New Year's Resolution, now would not be the time.  amiright?
One of Tom's favorite, geeky gifts for Christmas.  An essential resource for Academic Team members!

And then on Tuesday there's Pippo's 13th birthday, too.  January is Birthday Month in our families----3 in our nuclear family, both my brother and sister, and 2 nieces!  Sheesh.  There must not be any sports on tv in April!

Back to Epiphany....I really want to do the home blessing this year.  I think we did it once, a long time ago, but it has been a long, long time.

My College Boys are back at school as of yesterday....that was part of the crazy amount of driving I was talking about....we're going to miss their presence.  I love having them around.  They make me laugh and they make me happy.  But I don't have to do their laundry, now, either, so let's focus on that.  I was definitely feeling the laundry strain over break!

It's officially the 2nd day of school here, and we have lots of work to do to start catching up from the crazy-busyness of the late fall.  But I'm taking time to read all the blogs I missed yesterday in the frenzy that was my day.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Join the fun at Jen's for more 7 Quick Takes!

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