Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings

Amazingly, I'm caught up on my blog reading this morning, because isn't that the most important way to start the week?  I've developed a habit (a good one?) of mostly staying off the computer on weekends in favor of relaxation or household responsibilities, but the blog posts certainly do pile up!  Last night I went through my reader and judiciously went through them either reading or just deleting.  Feels good!

Yesterday was a nice, busy Sunday starting with Mass.  I went to sing in the choir, but the rest of the family went to a different parish to check it out.  I think I've said that we're not generally fans of "parish shopping," but there comes a point when something needs to change.  If you've done your best to change your attitude and heart, and going to a certain parish is making you crazy, and possibly sinful, it's time for a change.

I got dinner going before I went to book club where we ate lots of lovely, wheat-free foods. If you look at the recipe, it calls for both beer and flour; I used the beer, but left out the flour, so it was low-carb, but not gluten-free.  There are gluten-free beers, though, which I'm trying to get dh to buy.  This is a FABULOUS recipe, made better by grass-fed rump roast and a tasty beer.

We ate so much earlier than usual that we had time to watch one of the movies that Barbara recommended:  A Shine of Rainbows.  Meg and I really enjoyed it, and cried a lot.

There's a lot on my schedule today.  Hopefully, I'll get a lot done and tell you about it later this week.  Do you have a lot of plans for the week?

 Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. Glad you enjoyed that one. It was tragic. But redeemed itself. Didn't you just love little Tomas?

  2. I loved Tomas, and the scenery, and his lovely mom. His dad was alright, too. ;-)


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