Monday, November 21, 2011

A Working Weekend

Oh my, I've been busy since my yarn-along on Wednesday.   I finally posted the picture of my sweater, so you can go look at it now!

Except for attending 2 different Masses on Sunday, I've stayed at home working.  I probably could have done more work than I did, but I also managed to throw a little relaxation in there, following the FlyLady principle of taking breaks between chores.  And I managed to check off practically everything on my to-do list.  I'll add more to it today, but that's the way it goes, right?

I've done a fair amount of cooking, preparing a labor-intensive dessert for Thanksgiving---a Raw Chocolate Almond Torte---made with lots of nuts and fat!  And, no, I'm not going "raw" but this is delicious.  I can't find a link for you, but there appear to be lots and lots of similar items out there.

Saturday while I was cooking and cleaning and knitting, I had the TV on.  I think I caught 3 episodes of Fr. Barron's Catholicism on EWTN.  I also watched most of The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, with Ingrid Bergman on TCM.  That's one of my favorite movies!  I would probably forget about it if asked to name my top 10, but it should be in there.  I've seen it several times, and I love it every time.  It makes me drop everything---except my knitting, which I pick up---and watch.  It's about a young, English woman who goes to China to become a missionary despite many obstacles, not the least of which is that her co-missioner dies shortly after her arrival.  When Japan invades, she is faced with a monumental, hopeless task that she accomplishes even though she is "unqualified" to be a missionary in China.  One of those stories of virtue that moves me to tears.

Speaking of which, my Dh just wrote a book review on his blog about a book called The Righteous which sounds like it might just do the same thing.  I'll have to pick it up over the holiday week and read some of it.

Blogging will be brief over the next few days.  Have a lovely Thanksgiving Week!

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