Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Whoa!  We're using Jen's new 7 Quick Takes Template, today, and it's just magic!  I wish I knew how to do such things.  I don't have a template for the Daybook posts, but it would make it a lot easier.  Maybe I'll have to figure out how to do it now that I see how easy it can be.

--- 2 ---

Happiness is a warm puppy.  Gus is sleeping in my lap, which is an extremely rare treat.  Usually, if we're holding him it's a wrestling match to keep him from chewing our clothes and hands!  He's a real terror when he goes through his several frantic periods of the day----sort of like a toddler who is overtired and gets all wound up and in trouble before finally conking out.  Several long walks and time spent outside while the kids played in the yard, yesterday, helped a lot.
--- 3 ---

Busy, busy weekend planned here!  Dh and I will probably be at all Masses to staff our "ministry tables" for Commitment Sunday.  He'll be promoting the Columbian Squires and I'll be promoting AHG.  I'm also marching in a parade with our American Heritage Girls in the morning.  Oh, and it's Homecoming for our high schooler.  Yesterday evening he told me he needs new clothes for this.    Can you see my eyes rolling?  

--- 4 ---

Today seems to be a No School Day.  Tom doesn't have school, and I'm scheduled to cantor a funeral this morning.  So, Tom will serve the Mass and the other kids will play at the park next door with friends.  When I'm done, we'll head down to a local Catholic school for a bone marrow drive.  The boy that needs the transplant actually lives in my neighborhood, and he's the same age as my Tom.  I simply Can. Not. imagine what that family is going through!

--- 5 ---

I got to a part on my boring half-forgotten Slinky Ribs sweater where the work gets a bit more interesting, for a few rows, and then gets just plain faster because it's stockinette, so I'm happy to be making progress on that!

I have NOT made any progress on my sleeping mat for the homeless, but I'm about to pick that up again now that the weather is cooler and it's not a total nightmare to have a giant, plastic mat in your lap.

--- 6 ---

I don't know about you, but I've discovered that it's a big help to have another tab open on my computer while I'm scrolling through my blogs---this one is the link to my library system, so I can look up and reserve the many books that my bloggy friends recommend.  The reading stack occasionally gets a little too long, and some books are not successes, but I'm can be pretty certain that I'll enjoy books recommended by some bloggers.  Somehow, they just seem to know what I like!

--- 7 ---
Didja know that to buy anything from Etsy you have to create an account?  And choose the name of your non-existent store?  The amount of time that takes because all your ideas are already in use is crazy.  It sorta makes you not want to buy anything from these beautifully creative people!  And now that I made a purchase for Katie's birthday last week, I get emails every. single. day. highlighting etsy shops and their wares.  It's sort of a love/hate relationship I have with Etsy, now.  Hate the daily emails, but just love clicking on them and looking at all the cool stuff, and hating that I haven't come up with anything cool enough to sell.  Yet.

See what I mean?

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  1. Go to your Etsy settings and adjust for emails. I get almost none. Just purchase or sale related stuff specific to me.

    PS sometimes I have 5, 6... 10 tabs open at once!

  2. Are you on Goodreads? That would help with #6 too. It helps you keep track on books you've read (and you can rate them and write reviews), books you are currently reading, and books you want to read. Plus you can connect with other people on Goodreads and compare books. Try it!

  3. i have a template for the daybook posts. email me at geeky.lutheran-at-gmail-dot-com and i'll send it to you.


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